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Had a go at this today using the following method:

You will need - stencil, tape, sunblock, cotton buds, sunshine.

I got the stencil from stencilwarehouse.com it's meant for temporary tatoos. Probably best to go with something simple - no fine lines. Tape came from my first aid kit.

Step 1: (pic)

Tape stencil to body. This stops it moving while you're doing...

Step 2: (pic)

Apply sunblock with cotton buds. A thick sunblock (i.e. 'cream' rather than 'lotion') works best. Higher the SPF the better. Fill in all the holes in the stencil.

Step 3: (pic)

Remove stencil. If you used first aid tape this shouldn't be a problem, if you used something else then major ouch. Sit outside in the sun.

Unfortunately it turned cloudy as soon as I set foot outside, so I can't show you the finished article. Should be pale flower on tanned skin.
(, Sun 2 Sep 2007, 20:45, archived)
# Haha
surely just sticking a regular sticker on your skin works just as well?
(, Sun 2 Sep 2007, 20:47, archived)
(, Sun 2 Sep 2007, 20:48, archived)
# *closes*
(, Sun 2 Sep 2007, 20:49, archived)
# Thanks,
it was draughty. or Drafty. One or t'other. Ah, the second one.
(, Sun 2 Sep 2007, 20:50, archived)
# king me!
(, Sun 2 Sep 2007, 20:54, archived)
# this reminds me.....

from skiing in colorado a while ago, the mark over the eyes is from the mask, the one on the cheek is from a token amount of suntan i smeared on, so its clearly possible, you just might get cancer

edit: cfb btw
(, Sun 2 Sep 2007, 20:48, archived)
# lolz
baby face
(, Sun 2 Sep 2007, 20:51, archived)
# ah cool :)
I have ones on my feet from Morocco :D
(, Sun 2 Sep 2007, 20:49, archived)
# post does not deliver
(, Sun 2 Sep 2007, 20:50, archived)
# fail, reboot face.
(, Sun 2 Sep 2007, 20:52, archived)