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[challenge entry] I have unnatural feelings towards no hands kitten.
Is that so wrong?

Actually, yes. It is. Shit.

There's a larger version here. Thanks to Yeti for the hosting.

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(, Sun 9 Feb 2003, 16:07, archived)
# I like Nohands
I'm in a diminishing minority it seems, but I'm still rather fond of him.
(, Sun 9 Feb 2003, 16:10, archived)
# thats

Woo yay
(, Sun 9 Feb 2003, 16:12, archived)
# Woo to you
that's fucking funny!
..and I like No-Hands.
I call him "Kahore-ngā-Ringa", just to be difficult.
(, Mon 10 Feb 2003, 4:00, archived)