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# Had to get it off my chest, SkUGosaur

In true toddler colouring-book style.

I think SkUG should have his own SkUGasaur icon.
(, Sun 23 Dec 2007, 20:53, archived)
# wooo!
breathe da fire! with more teeths! :D

p.s. that picture of a lady in ur profile is where your picture should be and your not a lady lol
(, Sun 23 Dec 2007, 20:55, archived)
# I was displeased with his lack of fangs
So I gave him dino-dentures!

p.s. I will add a picture of myself at some point when I can get a decent one.
(, Sun 23 Dec 2007, 20:56, archived)
# i like the manky eyes
(, Sun 23 Dec 2007, 20:59, archived)
# Oops
I forgot I was supposed to be making a SkUGGy-Blue Eyes.

Ah well.
(, Sun 23 Dec 2007, 21:00, archived)
# no, i like them
i really do
gives him character
everyone has to do a skugosaur, anyway. so good on you
(, Sun 23 Dec 2007, 21:06, archived)
# They are not my eyes!
(, Sun 23 Dec 2007, 21:05, archived)