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22nd of november 2008 -
as suggested here
and a mention in the newsletter too! :D

Huzzah! another compo suggestion accepted :D
KITTEN SPORTS! as suggested here and here see here for it kinda mentioned in the news letter :P

Another compo suggestion accepted! click to view results
Start can be seen here woo!

Wahey i must be getting good at this...
another SkUGsuggested compo

NEWSLETTER! as suggested here

Oh and I hijacked the "Font jokes" compo with ROCKET ANIMALS! http://b3ta.com/board/9261642

Wow i'm now on Adam from Adam and Joe' website!
asking "daddy or chips?"
Adam Buxton replies "Fuck daddy. Fuck chips."


Me : Male 2526272829 eep 30 born 1981... you do the math... currently living in wales, IN MY OWN HOUSE! WOO! don't worry I'm not welsh...

Wish to contact me? (why would you wanna do that?) [email protected] sorry if you've emailed me.... try again SkUG@(nospam)hotmail.com
also on skype with above addy... and not very often on msn again with same addy :) - dont be a stranger...

Radio Edit - ignore that bit :D

Visit my website! www.SkUG.co.uk


I did a faceboot (facebook)




Colour SkUGosarus in!

Click for bigger (39KB)

NobbyNobody* made me this click here to view

made some wonderful 3d reditions on SkUGosarus
b3tamax throws a snowball @ SkUGosarus

b3tamax sits on SkUGosarus' Head

This is MarkyH's 3d model of SkUGosarus
(using blender - i've yet to work
out how this works)

The lovely * F o o F * made me this foofilicous version of the SkUGosarus click here to view

Sir Dave the Hat made me this wonderful vision of beauty click to view

amoebaboy has included SkUGosarus in his disco dance scene! CLICK HERE TO VIEW

a closer look at SkUGosarus dancing

Click here for youtube
video featuring SkUGosarus

Walrus man has drawn this faboulous rendition of SkUGosarus CLICK HERE TO VIEW
heres another i requested - done in record time!
HOLD ON! HOLD ON! he's done it again, I made a tribute and he went and improved it 60,000 times :D click here to wooyayhoupla!

the hedgehog can never be buggered at all added a little bit of thunder CLICK HERE TO VIEW

Scoopzilla mustered up this monter SkUGosarus

Hedgehog From Hell started a battle that will ensure voilence! click here to view

plentyofants revamped Scoopzilla's image CLICK HERE TO VIEW
also a manic dance version too CLICK HERE TO VIEW
he's at it again! quickest drawn SkUGosarus ever!

Pavlov'sDog paintmashed up a SkUGosarus with toast, is there any better combination?!
and this one too click here
BATTLESkUG! click here to BATTLE!

The King of hats drew this ages ago but its going on here now!

JollyJack toyified SkUGosarus CLICK HERE TO VIEW

Mousing doodled a giantigus SkUGosarus

Unicross also toyified SkUGosarus BUT! with realistic toast! Yay!
Click here to view!

Devil Duck's lovely rendition CLICK here to view!

Psychedelic Warlord DomoSkUGosarused! CLICK HERE TO VIEW
he's done it again! click here to view!

Caewan invaded Osaka. CLICK HERE TO VIEW
atomic added more explosions to Caewan's invasion! you've probably just seen it by clicking the above link

SuperDave made SkUGosarus all Super! CLICK HERE TO VIEW!

ElRodente created this lovely vision of SkUGosarususinessesius! CLICK here to view
skivesagain adapted ElRodente version and created this click here to view
atomic improved skivesagains version like so... click here to see!

Pasanonic (aka zoot) used Marky H's 3d version for his creation click here to view

petehix made SkUGosarus go "mmmnyum mmmnyum mmmmynum" click here to view!
dinosaurousres v robototics
the battle was long and lasted many years... but the victor was ovbiously SkUGosarus
click here to woo!

Cockweasle created a savoy cabbage SkUGosarus click here to view!

Yay another one by cockweasle! click here to woo! its all 3d!

- D - erm... Yay! click to see!

prodigy69 created a monster SkUGosarus! click here for woo

bloop made SkUGosarus walk run after his dinner! click here to run!
bloop's done it again! click for a "bobble" version
he's done it again! click here to watch SkUGosarus run!
run away! run away!
calm down calm down click here to Roxik! or here
OMG! bloop's done it again! click here to see one of the best things in the world!
Can't stop the blooprush! click here to wooyay!

Scrambled Edd made SkUGosarus dribble and look quite emotional, but i like it :D CLICK HERE TO VIEW

the.jokl made SkUGosarus a little bit plump CLICK HERE TO VIEW

mamilla_sarsum attacked godzilla! click here to view!

Kixos made SkUGosarus a reality! click here to view!

Rapitinui bumsechs a rabbit click here to view

hooker1uk got his son (Gus aged 7) in on the SkUGosarus action! CLICK HERE TO WOO!
"super" mario V SkUGosarus... who shall win? click here to view!

finnbar turnt SkUGosarus into lisa simpson the matrix click here to view!

The wonderful in vino veritas vectorised SkUGosarus click here to view :D

monkdagola drew a wonderful SkUGosarus click here to view

on a slightly different note.. Sir Sand Goblin, started a bandwagon... and davew27 adapted his "HAPPY FLAP" into flaposaurus click here to view

Pedro Hin , if SkUGosarus was a lady... (or maybe SkUGosarus's "old lady") click here to wahey!

The internet famous sign dancing girl (wahey!) Jessie offered to take SkUGosarus to a derby bash (in my place) click here to view

Ttssattsr has given SkUGosarus some rather fetching teeth and captured SkUGosarus perfectly! CLICK HERE TO VIEW
Woah! Ttssattsr has done it again! click here to wooyayhoupla!
RAH! click here to RAH!

The lovely Killerkitti turnt SkUGosarus into an emo! luckily he can't reach his own wrists... phew! click here to view

Thirty-Two created a real sense of scaremongery with his creepy shaddows Click here to woo*ghost noises*

the legend discomeats created a this work of art! I love this style! CLICK HERE TO WOO!
PUMP PUMP PUMP! click here to PUMP!

MrPineapple had a quick doodleosaurusClick here to view
A baby SkUGosarusues (with some irrelevant text) click here to awww isn't that cute
ruhhh :D


Green Spanner nearly stood too close! click here to view

Pie of Meat : Skug in a mug in a skugosaurus jug - click here to ARGH I'm IN A MUG!!

Volatile Serenity gave SkUGosarus some more toes and teeths! :o click here to view!

Yamez added a touch of snoopy and the dance on the piano to SkUGosarus! woo! click here to view!

theSHALROTH amigafied SkUGosarus! click here to view

Roll_Up_Smoker done a SkUGosarus & a curry (not pictured) click here to talk about assorted meats... mmmm meat

Sheehan microSkUGosarus Click here to squint

Neon Blue also microSkUGosarused! Click here to squint

McBadger SuperHappySkUGosarustime! Click here to view

The wonderful Flowerpot drew a special SkUGosarus Click here to drool ;)

oo0o Flowerpot has been at it again! mmmm click here to eat SkUGosarus!!!

head-doctor drew a MASSIVE (click for big) SkUGosarus! click here to view

Wil made a lovely textured SkUGosarus! click to view!
Click here forSkUGosarus wannabe kitten aww!

Longest profile award imminent!

An Eagle in Your Mind SkUGosarus knows where you live! superwoo! Click here to superwoo!

Boris the non swearing spider drew SkUGosarus wearing a paisley smoking jacket click here to view

Tom O'Bedlam accidentally drew SkUGosaurus! Click here to view
some how i forgot about this one!

oops sorry Tom i missed this one too! click to BLARB

Zoot aka Pasanonic drew SkUGosarus in his natural volcano filled environment click here to view!
And another tiny/dwarfed SkUGosarus click here to view!

rappola drew a SkUGosarus because my profile told him to! NOW ITS YOUR TURN! click here to view
he's been busy again click here to woo!

Winthorpe created a Meaty Monster SkUGosarus! Click here to wooyay!

not as meaty this time click here to view

FredAstaireAteMyTapShoes made SkUGosarus completely out of foods! click here to mmmyom!

B.T. is creating a 3d rendition of SkUGosaurus! click here to see the start of something beautiful!

tzuruki created a Wogasaurus! terry wogan!

TheOther coloured JollyJacks picture in Click here to view

epiphany and his sheeps click here to view

Valin regurgitated a tv dinner click here to spew!

Jeccy drew SkUGosarus's retarded cousin click here to view

Woah HappyToast drew SkUGosarus! click here to woo!
2010 he's done it again!

StickFigureNinja ninja'd SkUGosarus after a hard days "work"

Jamnog - uhoh dilemma! HOW TO WANK?

vodkafiend drew a lovely SkUGosarus! click here to woo!

The lovely Todd the Todd (aka todd the groincrusher) drew a smashing SkUGosaurus click here to woo!

Custard (great username btw) drew a SkUGosarus (I must be good at pestering people at drawing a SkUGosarus) click here woo!
woah more dinsoaoursues!

KillerKitti's mum made her this fantaginal hoodieosaurus!

Hummel SkUGvolution!

Incredibly Ordinary Dave SPIT THAT OUT!

The excellent Mu did me a drewing click here to Mu

Mighty Nimbus... the definition of a memes (features SkUGosarus!) Woo! the first hint of being a meme! woohoo!
click here to Meme!

the wub went to SkUGness click here to view

Radiobr drew a rather smashing SkUGosarus for my b3taday click here to woo!

Monkeon has a Phone-e-o-SkUGosarus for my b3taday click here to view

Captain Howdy combined two lovely things, domo and SkUGosarus... SkUGomo? SkUGosauromo? for my b3taday!
Click here for woo

Madcatman did a SkUGosarus - with tiny man!
Its time to hide in the drain

blyerkit drew a who, a skugowhosarus click here to viewho

end ...or is it

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discomeats made my eyes all twitchy(ier)

here a lion in it natural habitat by
god save the queen

Yay a poem by sunshine elephant
grab a crayon SkUG
start to paint your mUG
wih colours that you see in outer space
and when you're all done
sit out in the sun
and let the colours melt into your face

Cockweasle made me this lovely image after misreading this post

Sock drew my name (as per request) A mix of skull, crab, squid and human eye are my name suggests Click here to woo!
he also made me this wonderful seams horse click here to woo

and for no good reason...

is a Giant Dragon that eats Metal, and has Huge, Sharp Claws.

Strength: 8 Agility: 7 Intelligence: 8

To see if your Giant Battle Monster can
defeat SkUGosarus, enter your name and choose an attack:

fights SkUGosarus using

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» Faking it

Fake money
My dad bought a new scanner and printer, I know lets scan some money see what it comes out like, don't get me wrong - not planning on actually using it in shops and the like - just a quality control kind thing, see how good this printer/scanner actually is, printed it out, looked pretty realistic (on one side - never could get it to line up the other) anyways dad decides to take the money to work, goes to buy some lunch in the work canteen, takes out a £10 note, looks at it and goes "oh this one is dirty" and screws it up and throws it in the bin, lots of faces go :o (much to his amusement)
A bit later on (in a different department) he lights his cigarette with another £10 again more shocked faces
(This is when technology was quite new by the way, and when you could still smoke in buildings!)
(Thu 10th Jul 2008, 23:56, More)

» Customers from Hell

ahh the memories...
on work experience a girl came into the fishing tackle shop i was placed in (the girl was also on work experience from my school/year) and asked for a "glass hammer" i prompty replied "oh you need the high street branch, all the hardware is in there" another 10 minute walk away - oh im so cruel but how i did laugh :)
Hello i've being sent in for a long weight (wait) "oh we'll have those in about twenty minutes" as said gullible twit is walking out the shop ready to come back in 20 minutes... i point out that a long wait is actually 20 minutes and that he'd been had...
20 minutes later he walks back in "hi, yeah im here for that long wait" again explaing that 20 minutes in infact a long wait he twigs this time, not to be outdone he asks for something to take back just to prove a point i guess... handing him the nearest thing i could find (a meat hook) I told him to say that we where out of long weights and only had sky hooks (another common thing i'm often asked for) 5 minutes later a rather dizzy girl walks in "hello "boy" was sent in for a long weight but he came back with this *shows meat hook* i've being sent over to see if you have a left handed one" *turns meat hook around* "there you go" the words "oh i'm gonna kill him" where shouted as she stormed out the shop :D

And can i have 2 meters of fallopian tube please?

Ok not customers from hell - but hey
Story from a fellow work college who used to work in a clothes store - in walks small hunch backed woman who absolutely stinks of piss "excuse me miss, have you got any black underwear, i don't have to change them as often as the white" *sicks up abit* - SHE STINKS

And i've yet to meet a customer that is right!
(Thu 4th Sep 2008, 20:31, More)

» How nerdy are you?

I saw a duck once

(Fri 7th Mar 2008, 12:36, More)

» Weddings Part II

When the ring wouldnt go on...
"use lube" was shouted from the back - much to my amusement
(Sun 9th Nov 2014, 23:14, More)

» Stuff I've found

I lovely tin of "light oak and....." paint (not very PC - read the label!)
Click for bigger
(Thu 6th Nov 2008, 22:53, More)
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