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# wierd
It's really odd that everyone calls for Israel and ONLY Israel to give up land to create Palestine.

Perhaps nobody realises that over half the region that we in the West called 'Palestine' is now in Syria, Lebanon & Jordan.

Or that when the whole Bilad-al-Shem region was carved up, 96% of it went to Arabs. Or that the Arabs who fled Israel only started calling themselves 'Palestinians' in the mid-60's. Or that an equal number of Jews were kicked out of the surrounding Arab countries. Or that Israel voluntarily gave up Gaza to see whether the Palestinians could use the opportunity to head towards peace. Or that the first thing they did after this measure of trust, was elect a bunch of suicide bombers as their government. Or that this government has 'kill the jews' explicitly stated in their covenant. Or that every day they launch rockets at Israel from Gaza simply because the security wall stops them getting in to Israel to blow up buses, discos, restaurants and shops. Still - I'm sure everyone is right and that it's all Israel's fault and that nobody on the left has taken sides simply becaue they hate Jews. Yes..that'll be it.

(, Thu 24 Jan 2008, 19:33, archived)
# No-one is saying that it's all israels fault
but you seem to be saying it's all the arab's fault.

Who is the hater here?
(, Fri 25 Jan 2008, 16:32, archived)
# You don't think
that maybe Britain, France and other Western countries have some responsibility here?
(, Sat 26 Jan 2008, 4:19, archived)
# clut my dear
You are very, very correct.

I do disagree that the irrationally disproportionate criticism of Israel is due to anti-Semitism though, I find that the majority is born of complete ignorance.

End of the day, who you side with is all about whether you support the country (that isn't actually even a country) run by terrorists with "Kill the Jews" in their covenant and the backing of a continent's worth of Arabic nations who've proved their hatred of Jews consistently; or the only true democracy in the Middle East that has strict impositions only because its survival is in constant jeopardy.

As for the "Jews manipulating the media" shite: don't make me laugh. Apart from the issue of that being based on an anti-semitic stereotype, it's also complete bullshit as the media (especially the BBC) has been found to have been heavily biased towards Palestinian interests in independent investigations.
(, Sat 26 Jan 2008, 21:40, archived)