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[challenge entry] Gotta love those Tesco D.I.Y gingerbread men
Damn you, b3ta! The post below reminded me of this i did a while back. I had to rush upstairs, get my phone cable out, upload the pic off my phone, resize it and upload it before it became irrelevant!

Sorry if its not worth its own thread - i coulda put it in with the post below, but after all that damn effort and rushing about - ITS WORTH ITS OWN THREAD!


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(, Wed 18 Jun 2008, 18:39, archived)
# ahhh!
the precum drip has made me spew my ADB!
(, Wed 18 Jun 2008, 18:40, archived)
# *wheels out again*
(, Wed 18 Jun 2008, 19:00, archived)