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# heh, nice work.
it's better than the movie i have on now.

it's called 'snakehead terror', by the way. here's a trailer for it. it's grand.
(, Sat 30 Aug 2008, 5:02, archived)
(, Sat 30 Aug 2008, 5:27, archived)
# Because it reminds me
too much of a film that I once started watching because the pizza delivery man had accidentally left it with the pizza - Killer Crocodile 2 trailer here - warning, it's dreadful, and in German.
(, Sat 30 Aug 2008, 5:54, archived)
# man, that looks great.
too bad cockweasle fucked off, he loves shitfilms.
(, Sat 30 Aug 2008, 6:02, archived)
# well, maybe you are all watching it and that's why you're not commenting.
i'm multitasking - watching the film, spazzing about craigslist and watching crappy movie trailers on youtube. up now is komodo versus cobra (ignore the five second intro of whatever the hell that was).
(, Sat 30 Aug 2008, 5:57, archived)
# Comments?
I think they must have fallen out of fashion.
(, Sat 30 Aug 2008, 7:12, archived)