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# The result of a hard days revision

PS: It's meant to be furtive.

My exam is tomorrow morning :'(
(, Thu 16 May 2002, 20:14, archived)
# eeuuuww exams
i got two tomorrow :(

that is seriously cool though. might have to make one meself
(, Thu 16 May 2002, 20:16, archived)
# you too, good luck
and what are the exams?
(, Thu 16 May 2002, 20:17, archived)
# I finished my exams Monday!
I'm so happy I'm finished!! No more exams ever! Well, at least until next year.
(, Thu 16 May 2002, 20:22, archived)
# engineering maths
then fluid dynamics.

luckily, both are a piece of piss
(, Thu 16 May 2002, 20:26, archived)
# is
that a fluid dynamacists (?) joke?
(, Thu 16 May 2002, 20:28, archived)
# i didn't notice that.
(, Thu 16 May 2002, 20:29, archived)
# not
although i did work in designing sewage works, where many such phrases are often used
(, Thu 16 May 2002, 20:30, archived)
# woo!
go you!
(, Thu 16 May 2002, 20:28, archived)
# good luck!
what's it on?
(, Thu 16 May 2002, 20:16, archived)
# Hormones and reproduction
I think.
(, Thu 16 May 2002, 20:19, archived)
# you think?
you mean you're not sure? what if it turns out to be harmonicas and reed percussion? you're going to look pretty silly...

though to be fair, i only realised i had an exam this week 45 minutes before it happened. no revision, nuffink =)
(, Thu 16 May 2002, 20:21, archived)
# I didn't realise I had an exam tomorrow
until yesterday. Ah well, they`re only 2nd year ones. I'll get the noose ready next year when everything goes tits up again, like it seems to every exam period :)
(, Thu 16 May 2002, 20:42, archived)
# don't say that!
i'm third year! =)
(, Thu 16 May 2002, 20:44, archived)
# Well as all parents say,
very ignorantly,"Ahh, you'll be fine. I know you will"

Mum, Dad, you haven't got a clue.

Best of luck anyway :)
(, Thu 16 May 2002, 20:49, archived)
# i hate that expression
they don't mean it, but there's such a heavy "we will be so disappointed in you if you fail" tone in it.

sorry, dropping out's been on my mind a bit lately. today has been good though. thanks for the luck!
(, Thu 16 May 2002, 20:57, archived)
# Do the exam then if you have some time left
at the end fold up your answer paper like that.

They'll think you're having mental problems and let you resit it with more time.
(, Thu 16 May 2002, 20:18, archived)
# 'Furtive' is versatile too.
If you use red paper instead and don`t fold his chin up towards the end, you get a love heart.

Also, If you don`t do any of the last fiddly foldy down bits, you end up with something that loioks a bit like a foxes head, if you give it eyes and a nose.

My I have been busy :)
(, Thu 16 May 2002, 20:22, archived)
# If anyone is interested.
Here's (a seriously piss poor) one I made earlier :)
(, Thu 16 May 2002, 20:33, archived)
# That's wonderful
did you see crab bloke going around London? www.rathergood.com/london/ i think
(, Thu 16 May 2002, 20:35, archived)
# Scary stuff!
Is crab bloke the one who did the jazz kittens?
(, Thu 16 May 2002, 20:43, archived)
# that's the one.
It's the law that you must watch all the Blodes at least once a month too.
(, Thu 16 May 2002, 20:48, archived)
# yesh
he is
(, Thu 16 May 2002, 20:48, archived)
# That man deserves a

That's a gold medal by the way. Almost as good as my furtive :)

I ofteen put the Jazz kittens on when I feel stressed. Superb :D
(, Thu 16 May 2002, 20:54, archived)
# Weird - Like this cutout that I found earlier
Polar bear cutout thingy
(, Thu 16 May 2002, 20:56, archived)