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# Eep.
I normally love chocolate.
I normally love steak.
I really really do not want to eat them together.
clicky for good shoppery
(, Wed 16 Dec 2009, 23:16, archived)
# If it dark chocolate then it will go together ok
I often put dark chocolate in with mince if Im making a chilli
(, Wed 16 Dec 2009, 23:20, archived)
# Tell me more...
(like how much? I wouldn't want to fuck up a perfectly good chilli)
(, Wed 16 Dec 2009, 23:23, archived)
# Just a couple of squares really
The higher the cocoa solids the better. Green & Blacks do a 99% solids bar if you can ever find it...Bitter as fuck!
(, Wed 16 Dec 2009, 23:25, archived)
# hungry now...
(, Wed 16 Dec 2009, 23:27, archived)
# Actually, so do I!
so do I!I use the Lindt 95% cocoa which I grate on top of the chili just before serving. Wouldn't use milk chocolate ganache for anything but cayke though.
(, Wed 16 Dec 2009, 23:25, archived)