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This is a normal post amazing
I noticed a few times on Maui that Dad's like that were unreasonably cross and it conflicted starkly with the truly easy-going open and friendly people that live there and the purpose of having a holiday there. It was odd and distressing.

One man filling his tank and berating the shit out of his little kid belted in tightly into the back seat. I felt sorry for the boy. Who knows what aggravation preceded the incident. It was ugly. Where everything is astoundingly beautiful. And I wonder if they are burdened with mundane non-holiday matters.

And another in a shop, a customer in line was singing along with the Christmas music piped in. Her singing was lovely but another man, from New Jersey judging by his accent and locutions, impolitely and loudly suggested she shut up, and she did.

Oddly the native people look a bit rough sometimes, they remind me of Latin roughnecks where I live, who all turn out to be teddybears once you break into the clique, kind and gentle people, each time that presumption is destroyed. So easily given to laughter, as if they are expecting you to be pleasantly amusing, and find the silliest things riotously funny.

Example. A basket full of coconuts carved into monkey heads outside a shop. I mentioned to my brother, drolly, "I heard the expression 'more fun than a barrel of monkeys' but I hadn't expected to see one," and a man dressed in black with black hair, dark complexion, one expects a knife tucked in somewhere, cracked up laughing at overhearing that, bent over and flapping, while my brother looked at me like I'm being retarded again.
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