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This is a link post Argument to Beethoven's 5th
Forget your 70s and 80s, revel in 50s comedy and despair. Or something. Man and woman mime argument to Beethoven's 5th. Fits amazingly well in places. I don't think I'll be able to hear it again without the words 'My mother?' in my head.

And yes, you've probably already seen it, but it's Saturday, the day of posting mildly diverting things even if people already know about them.
(, Sat 23 Feb 2008, 19:53, , Reply)
This is a normal post I hadn't already seen it.
So thank you for putting it on; very clever stuff indeed.

I did a full laugh when she plucked the hair from his jacket.

(, Sat 23 Feb 2008, 23:51, , Reply)
This is a normal post hah! Great ending.
Top find.
(, Fri 29 Feb 2008, 16:03, , Reply)
This is a normal post Teh Brilliants
That was rather splendid - excellent find. Especially good when you realise in the 50's, that would have gone live to air as a whole piece, no offline editing at all. Absolutely super.
(, Fri 29 Feb 2008, 17:17, , Reply)
This is a normal post 6 mins
but well worth it. So much effort and lots of great developments in it.

Shame most modern comedy can't do one idea this well. :(
(, Fri 29 Feb 2008, 19:05, , Reply)
This is a normal post i think that's sid caesar
(, Fri 29 Feb 2008, 20:06, , Reply)
This is a normal post first class
Nanette Fabray and Cid Caesar in one of their great skits from "The Caesar Hour". I think I saw this one on the black and white TV my Dad bought with his race winnings.
(, Sat 1 Mar 2008, 7:31, , Reply)
This is a normal post she has wonderful teeth

(, Sun 2 Mar 2008, 21:03, , Reply)
This is a normal post wow
Say what you will for Final Cut, but you can't edit together something as amazing as that. I think I want to switch to B&W film now.
(, Tue 4 Mar 2008, 1:37, , Reply)