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This is a normal post Excellent
and it's surprising how much I tolerated the extra minute of loading time just so there's a picture to look at.

Trivia time: The data that is still being received from the Voyager probe is sent at a similar baud rate as loading a Speccy game. And when was the last time you heard the term baud-rate?
(, Fri 21 Jan 2011, 16:27, , Reply)
This is a normal post Real trivia time -
That 'a few minutes later' isn't the end of the game loading. You can tell from the repetition in the sound that it's still loading screen memory.
(, Fri 21 Jan 2011, 23:30, , Reply)
This is a normal post I decided (for your sakes)
that I wouldn't get it to load in real-time. It just loads the screen.
(, Sun 23 Jan 2011, 22:45, , Reply)