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This is a link post Man in nursing home starts participating in life again after given songs on an ipod
This makes me grin and happy like a pig in shit.
(, Tue 10 Apr 2012, 22:29, , Reply)
This is a normal post It is incredibly lovely.

(, Tue 10 Apr 2012, 22:33, , Reply)
This is a normal post Other brands of MP3 player also available
On a non-cynical note, my Grandma suffered pretty badly from dementia in her final years. When I went to visit, I always made sure I wore bright coloured clothes as this appeared to stimulate her senses more. Same with birthday cards and flowers etc. But the one thing that I'm very glad of is that I sat with her on her birthday (they wheeled her into the care home's sitting room where they had a piano) and played a whole load of Scott Joplin rags for her. She'd been able to play these and was, in fact, my inspiration to stop being a little shit and learn something musical. As soon as I started playing, she started bobbing around in her seat and enjoying herself. I've no idea about the science of it all but music, colours and things like that must be the basic pleasures and the last ones to fade.

Sorry about the serious comment. More cock/kitten/cunts posts will resume as normal tomorrow.
(, Tue 10 Apr 2012, 23:12, , Reply)
This is a normal post I'm nowhere nearly old enough to suffer the problems that come with dementia, but I do occasionally have major issues with depression:
Sometimes music can just transport me to a place where my 'problems' fade to such an insignificant level that I can get on and do the basic functions, like eating, washing/grooming, cooking and cleaning without (what seems to me) serious trauma/angst.
I endorse this message :)
(, Wed 11 Apr 2012, 0:07, , Reply)
This is a normal post Serious or otherwise,
Thumbs up to yer! It's nice to read something, well, nice on here once in a while.
(, Wed 11 Apr 2012, 1:12, , Reply)
This is a normal post This is incredibly lovely....
...but has been on here so many times I'm starting to think we've got worse memories than the fellow in the video.
(, Tue 10 Apr 2012, 23:35, , Reply)
This is a normal post so how come glasscock said no?
(, Wed 11 Apr 2012, 1:05, , Reply)
This is a normal post Amazing.
This is a gem. I normally come by here to watch the videos of people crashing cars or cats being funny, this is a welcomed change. Thank you for posting.
(, Wed 11 Apr 2012, 0:10, , Reply)
This is a normal post Desmond Tutu?
It always amazes me how they actually give some poor coont in a chair something to live for then start high fiving and saying 'aren't we clever' not really, it just highlights the crappy level of neglect
(, Wed 11 Apr 2012, 7:27, , Reply)
This is a normal post What?

(, Wed 11 Apr 2012, 8:46, , Reply)
This is a normal post Well how long was he sat in a nursing home before someone made the connection ?
He liked music, lets give him an I-pod!, not that hard is it? He only communicated with 'yes' or 'no', he gets an I-pod and suddenly hes articulate and lucid.
High fives all round........not.
(, Wed 11 Apr 2012, 9:09, , Reply)
This is a normal post I do agree. It doesn't take a massive leap of logic to make the connection "He loves music/let's give him music". The magic that happens of course is a bonus.
I heard the words "with this new technology.." and I facepalmed.

How long ago was the gramophone invented??
(, Wed 11 Apr 2012, 9:45, , Reply)
This is a normal post ...or the piano...
I imagine every good nursing home would actually have an upright in one of the halls, and regular sing-along sessions.

New technology, bloody hell, just shows how out of touch they'd got.
(, Wed 11 Apr 2012, 20:16, , Reply)