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This is a question Parsimony

Hullo tapirs, guffs Richard McBeef off the internet. One of my brother's friends once cycled from one side of London to the other to get some free lightbulbs from a condemned building, a 6-hour round trip. Tell us about the meanest, stingiest penny-pinching you've witnessed.

(, Wed 9 Mar 2016, 9:58)
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Shared a house at uni
Most of us were undergrads the same age, but one bloke was older than the rest of us, doing a Masters or something. Slumming it living in the same house with us, obviously to save the cash, despite the fact he had enough to own and run a car, which for a student in 1991 made him seem like a millionaire. He only ever shopped in Netto or Morrisons late on a Saturday and bought only that stuff on the shelf that's reduced because it's out of date. I once saw him eat the non-mouldy bits of a banana that was clearly actually mouldy almost all over.

One day he came in and said "Where's my car?" How we laughed. Then called the police - it had been stolen. He was very, very lucky, however, because the rozzers later told him that the car had been found, completely undamaged, by the side of the road quite a few miles away on the far side of town. The obvious thing to do at this point was to get a cab and get over there asap and reclaim it, and this was in fact I think what I think the police suggested he do. Instead, he walked. By the time he arrived, some local scallies had rolled it over the side of the road, down a hill and set fire to it. A cab ride would probably have cost him almost five pounds.
(, Fri 11 Mar 2016, 13:31, 4 replies)
That's obviously tight and all, but I've owned several cars that have cost me less than a month's rent in a flat to myself.
Possibly even including insurance.
(, Fri 11 Mar 2016, 20:16, closed)
My first year in university I think we had five cars on the drive between 17 lads
My trusty Mk I VW Polo was the only one not to be broken into, because of its obvious cheapness. My housemates left a note reading "Too crap to steal" under the wipers, so I left it there while they had to replace broken windows and busted locks :)
(, Fri 11 Mar 2016, 21:18, closed)
So he got his Fire and Theft insurance to pay out in full.
And, if you want to avoid mould on bananas, peel them.
(, Fri 11 Mar 2016, 23:05, closed)
I don't see your point.
The guy was obviously fairly poor and the car was all he could afford. You come across as somewhat of a rich bitch in this story.
(, Sat 12 Mar 2016, 19:02, closed)

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