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This is a question Revenge II

'Top radio ‘personality’ Christian ‘The OC’ O’Connell once burnt my socks on a campfire whilst I was unconscious on vodka’ bellows Richard mcbeef. ‘One day I will take my revenge, and it will be sweet’. But what can’t *you* ever forgive or forget? What’s still eating you up after many years? Is that why you’re such a bitter, unpleasant person? Tell mummy all about it.

(, Fri 20 Nov 2015, 19:56)

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Really mean but
I lived in Antigua in the West Indies, and some of the locals are somewhat 'homophobic'. After an evening of drinking rum at a beach bar, my mates and I were giving a local guy a ride back to his village. He had drunk a lot of rum, and had been verbally insulting a group of (quite obviously) gay tourinsts at a local night club. A few puffs on a joint and he was comatose in the back seat. The plot was hatched for a lesson he wouldn't forget in a hurry.

We laid him out on his front on the beach, pulled his trousers half way down his legs, and using a pen, inserted a condom (with some suntan cream in it) a few inches into his anus. We left him there.
(, Mon 23 Nov 2015, 16:37, 3 replies)
haha my mates are they same
they keep playing that trick on me
(, Mon 23 Nov 2015, 19:50, closed)
1990 called.
It wants its joke back.
(, Mon 23 Nov 2015, 22:49, closed)
FHM posted this "True story"
a couple of times...

I can still smell the free sample of Joop
(, Thu 26 Nov 2015, 9:50, closed)

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