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This is a question Accidentally Erotic

There I am, sitting in the dark, squinting at a chart of letters trying to work out if that's an E or a H. The optician is leaning toward me and suddenly I'm concentrating more on her than the chart, praying she doesn't get any closer or this could get embarrassing.

What situations in your life have you found accidentally/inappropriately erotic?

(, Thu 2 Feb 2006, 12:49)
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My mate James (again)
When we were at 6th form college there was the obligitory dress up day for Children in Need (or some shit charity). Needless to say all the repressed lads in the year took it as an excuse to dress up as women.

We were over in Tesco's (opposite York 6th Form for those in the know) and a strapping 6ft fella walks past; in a mini-skirt, blonde wig, stuffed bra and tights.

James:Check that out, you would wouldn't you?
Me:Er, James, It's a bloke....
(cue several seconds of silence and a pondering look on his face, much like a dog attempting calculus for the first time)
Jame:But you would wouldn't you?

At which point we developed a crab like ability to shuffle sideways away from him.
(, Sun 5 Feb 2006, 16:49, closed)

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