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This is a question Accidentally Erotic

There I am, sitting in the dark, squinting at a chart of letters trying to work out if that's an E or a H. The optician is leaning toward me and suddenly I'm concentrating more on her than the chart, praying she doesn't get any closer or this could get embarrassing.

What situations in your life have you found accidentally/inappropriately erotic?

(, Thu 2 Feb 2006, 12:49)
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I get my lady bits waxed every few weeks (Brazillian if you must know), which involves taking my knickers off and allowing a middle aged woman to wrench hair from my poor nether regions with wax. Nothing erotic about that I can assure you.

Except the one time when the attractive 21 year old did me instead.

After waxing they massage you with creams and oils to sooth your skin. Man alive did this girl massage! I haven't been touched like that in a bloody long time!I had to stare at the ceiling and bite my lip. I was on the edge of a potentially inappropriate orgasm!

I am a straight woman but I haven't had any action for about a year and a half, so it was all good! Don't mind a bit of girly action though.

Edit: Hammond? Ohhhhh yes.
(, Tue 7 Feb 2006, 23:10, Reply)

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