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This is a question Addicted

Cigarettes, gambling, porn and booze. What's your addiction? How low have you sunk and how have you tried to beat it?

Thanks to big-girl's-blouse for the suggestion

(, Thu 18 Dec 2008, 16:42)
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If you looked inside my head
you would find tits and World of Warcraft

multiple characters on various servers in the awsome world of WoW ( I took a week off work for the Litch king release)

And god knows how many GB of films all with tits in the title somewhere

I used to be a smoker (both baccy & weed) but finally managed to give up this year. Giving up weed upped my WoW addiction but lowered the porn one ;)
(, Thu 18 Dec 2008, 17:31, 3 replies)
Yeah I quit that about a year ago. Stil the best game ever, but populated by CUNTS.
(, Thu 18 Dec 2008, 18:03, closed)
lol, yup
You want to try PVP realms, 6 12 year olds ganking you for 13 hours a time on a server populated 13/7 in the horde's favour. As soon as you start beating them (as they're generally shit players) they call their mates and sit on your grave for an hour.

I swear to god this is one game that I wish I could just reach in the monitor and twat a cunt or two.
(, Thu 18 Dec 2008, 19:25, closed)
Did you know...
... On most servers, alliance has an advantage in numbers. There are not many servers around where Alliance players make up less than 66% of the population.

Apart from that, I agree with you, it's a world of Cunts acting cool.

But as I've found a guild full of helpful and interesting people, I can say it's by far the best game I've ever played.
(, Fri 19 Dec 2008, 7:19, closed)

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