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This is a question Annoying Partners

As a recent divorcee, it would be churlish to reveal what annoys me the most about my ex, apart from that unfortunate business with the crinkle-cut beetroot which tipped us over the edge. So, what winds you up about your significant other? If you have no partner, tell us about workmates. If you have no workmates, improvise with an annoying tramp

(, Thu 4 Aug 2011, 14:47)
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My g/f is very forgiving, easy going, groovy etc
so I have to say it must be my pettiness that what I feel is tantamount to 'hiding things so I don't know where they are' she legitimately calls 'tidying up and putting away'.
(, Thu 4 Aug 2011, 19:11, 3 replies)
My husband does this as well
Only he will never put something back in the place it is meant to go and so I get to play an irritating game of hide and seek whenever I want something he's put away.
(, Thu 4 Aug 2011, 19:13, closed)
My wife does this.
The house is very tidy, meticulously so. But never EVER open a cupboard or a barrage of random crap will fall out into a heap on the floor as stuff has simply been thrown in out of sight. Most likely the thing you are looking for will not be found in the same place as last time...
(, Fri 5 Aug 2011, 7:56, closed)
"Oh darling, have you seen my red screwdriver ? I've not quite finished fixing the washing machine,.."

"I tidied it up, you're always leaving stuff around!"

"Ah, so where did you put it ?"

"How should I know ? It's not my job to keep track of your rubbish"

Since I still had the greed flathead to hand there was very nearly a murder at that point.
(, Fri 5 Aug 2011, 10:55, closed)

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