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This is a question Awesome teachers

Teachers have been getting a right kicking recently and it's not fair. So, let's hear it for the teachers who've inspired you, made you laugh, or helped you to make massive explosions in the chemistry lab. (Thanks to Godwin's Lawyer for the suggestion)

(, Thu 17 Mar 2011, 11:18)
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A genuine one...
On the first day of secondary school, our form tutor (a chemistry teacher by trade and ex-FA Referee so stand up bloke) said "OK kids, come with me to the playing field!"

Sure enough we went to the playing field, and he brought with him a bucket of water and a large, dark brown glass box. He turned to us and said "OK guys, when I say run, run as fast as you can down the hill, but try and get a look back if you can!"




Turns out in the brown box was a fecking huge lump of Sodium. Kablooey
(, Thu 17 Mar 2011, 11:38, 5 replies)
with explosives = top stuff.

ours taught us how to make gunpowder as "we were going to try it so may as well know how to do it properly"
(, Thu 17 Mar 2011, 11:40, closed)

epic win ^^
(, Thu 17 Mar 2011, 13:50, closed)
(, Thu 17 Mar 2011, 14:21, closed)
You stole my story. My science teacher in third form did the same thing.

He was the man.
(, Thu 17 Mar 2011, 23:40, closed)

I think most people at some point have had a teacher like this. I was lucky enough to have him as a form tutor as well :)
(, Fri 18 Mar 2011, 11:15, closed)

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