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This is a question Babysitters

Dazbrilliantwhites asks: You've had them and maybe even have been one. Or maybe you were once babysat by someone who is now a notorious serial killer. Tell us your stories.

(, Thu 28 Oct 2010, 12:15)
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the werechild...
My partner's youngest brother, Sam, was only about 2 and a half at the time. His mother hated our binge drinking, especially when we were supposed to be babysitting for her. We woke up just before she left and as soon as her car was off the drive we went to the fridge to recover the cans of cider we hadn't drank the night before, whilst Sam toddled off. When we found they were gone we began madly counting the empty tins out of the recycling to see if we should have had any remaining from the crate. We desperately realised that there should have been about 8 cans left, but we couldn't find them anywhere. Then out of the blue Sam came to the rescue, he tottered back in wielding a can of cider in each hand. Then proceeded to dutifully deliver the rest. His mum had obviously hidden them in an effort to stop us getting drunk, but Sam had seen where she had put them, we still to this day don't have a clue where he found them. He's since saved us from many a dry night. Makes you wonder who is baby sitting who.

Cheers Sam :)

P.S We nicknamed him the werechild because he has an extremely hairy back. And he attacks the postman on a regular basis. He bit him once.
(, Wed 3 Nov 2010, 12:05, 4 replies)
boywolf, or childwolf
would technically be more accurate, since 'were' in this case means man.

your welcome :)
(, Wed 3 Nov 2010, 12:32, closed)
Her welcome what?
(, Wed 3 Nov 2010, 12:55, closed)
Ciderwolf, maybe?
(, Wed 3 Nov 2010, 12:47, closed)

My six year old sister was similarly unintentionally trained. Since she was 4, she's gone and got a bottle of wine whenever anyone at my Mum's house is crying. A bit worrying, but useful. Makes me consider having children just to turn them into little butlers.
(, Wed 3 Nov 2010, 13:09, closed)

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