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This is a question Bad Dates

Tell us about your least successful date. Arrive late? Forget their name? Show them goatse on your phone just as the main course arrived? Or was it the other way around?

(, Thu 17 Oct 2013, 16:27)
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there have been a few
such as the religious nutter who wanted to "save" me, the one who spent the entire date talking about his dead ex and the one who threw a tantrum in the restaurant because there was a slice of tomato in his side-salad.
the creepiest, though, was colin. i'd met him in the local shitpit of a nightclub and we'd hit it off, due to poor lighting and us both being massively drunk. we arranged to meet that sunday afternoon for a drink and a pub lunch.
before the pub, however, colin wanted to introduce me to his mother.
his dead mother.
he wanted me to go to the cemetery and say hello to a fucking headstone.
yes, yes i ran. i did not look back.
(, Fri 18 Oct 2013, 15:18, 9 replies)
you could've at least changed my name

(, Fri 18 Oct 2013, 15:26, closed)
never give a girl flowers
that were meant for someone's grave
(, Fri 18 Oct 2013, 15:29, closed)
they were nice flowers though

(, Fri 18 Oct 2013, 15:52, closed)
Oh, The Doveston, I TOLD you not to nick ones that spelled out things like 'MAM'.
Bunches, man, bunches and NOT wreaths.
And remember to bin the cards too.
(, Fri 18 Oct 2013, 16:08, closed)
i wouldn't have minded the 'MAM' so much
it was the 'UNCLE FRANK' that pissed me off
(, Fri 18 Oct 2013, 16:13, closed)
rip frank :( :( :(

(, Fri 18 Oct 2013, 20:23, closed)
(, Sat 19 Oct 2013, 10:49, closed)
Everything makes me think of songs.
"Supposed to have wept" is what this make me think of.
(, Fri 18 Oct 2013, 18:47, closed)
after listening to it
i see what you mean
(, Sat 19 Oct 2013, 16:09, closed)

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