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This is a question Bastard Colleagues

You've all known one. The brown-nosing fucker, the 'comedian', the drunk, the gossip and of course the weird one with no mates who goes bell ringing, looks like Mr Majika and sports a monk's haircut (and is a woman).

Tell us about yours...

Thanks to Deskbound for the idea

(, Thu 24 Jan 2008, 9:09)
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The Internet Saved My Life!
Almost. Summer job from uni, an entertain the tourists while dressed up as Ye Olde Worlde people job.

The bastard was D, who by dint of doing this every summer was regarded as top of the 'dressed up like idiots' heirachy.

D felt that underwear was historically inaccurate, and would often demonstrate this to us and the tourists.

D's bowel movements took priority, even though the single tiny toilet opened on to the cupboard space we had to hide in while waiting for our cues.

But the internet saved me. D thought that because I was female and under 30 I would be good to shock. He started off with vicious sexist jokes, to which I would tell an even nastier sexist joke. After a while he realised that this wasn't working, so he moved on to the magazines. I'd be greeted in the morning with pictures of splayed women and pierced penises. Shocking? Not to someone who has seen Goatse and Tubgirl. After the final picture, of a split penis, to which I replied "Oh, I haven't seen one of those without a barbell in before" he gave up. Thank you internets.
(, Thu 24 Jan 2008, 23:05, Reply)

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