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This is a question Beautiful Moments

The best night of my life was spent lying in the bottom of a boat, floating down a river low enough to be under the thin layer of mist gathering at about 3am such that it scudded between me and the stars.

Make us feel all warm and fluffy. Tell us about the most beautiful moments in your life so far.

(, Fri 11 Mar 2005, 9:15)
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I have three, no apologies for the last one
1- Last year late at night when walking back from work. I was walking through a graveyard whilst it was snowing. No wind, no noise. Just me, a crystal like atmosphere, the cycle of life and snowflakes two inches across falling like feathers.

2- A BBQ on the beach at Uni with my housemates and friends. Nothing but food, beer and cheap cd's from three in the afternoon till four the next morning.

3- Shit childhood, all the normal stuff. Parents split, siblings that hated me and had a personality that just didn't 'mesh' with anybody else. The few friends I had stabbed me in the back one by one from the age of seven onwards, the teachers all agreed that I was advanced but withdrawn from the world. Heading on for college the only friends I had were people forced to talk to me, one of them had a nervous breakdown after I failed to listen to his problems. My father lied to me about my grandads death and conned me out of £9000 inheritance and I'll never see my younger sisters again as he fucked off up north with them.
I was completly inside myself, the person people spoke to when adressing me was a facade. So in the first months of college I planned my suicide. Everything planned, all I had to do was tie-up loose ends.
A young woman from one of my classes started talking to me at the bustop to go home. For the first time ever it seemed, someone was actually interested in me, not what I was or what the rumours said.
For the ten minutes we spoke on that bus I was born. Everything I am and have now is because of her, because someone took the time to be concerned about someone they didn't know. For that I am eternally grateful. She is to this day a fantastic friend, and by far the most wonderful person I know. Everytime I see her is a special moment.

No apologies for length, you know you love it ;¬)
(, Sun 13 Mar 2005, 0:59, Reply)

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