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This is a question Beautiful Moments

The best night of my life was spent lying in the bottom of a boat, floating down a river low enough to be under the thin layer of mist gathering at about 3am such that it scudded between me and the stars.

Make us feel all warm and fluffy. Tell us about the most beautiful moments in your life so far.

(, Fri 11 Mar 2005, 9:15)
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A bit druggie but...

In september went up to a party in the Borders, Scotland. A load of people I was at uni with and hadn't seen for a while were there, which a laugh. Anyway, fast froward through 8hrs of revelry to about 7am. There's a few still left awake, sitting in a field in the hot morning sun. I had some DMT on me, which I prepared for the 5 or so people still around. We smoked it and just chilled there.

For those of you not familiar with it, DMT is an extract of Ayahuasca, the substance that South American Shamens use to get to "the other world".

The sun was warm, the sky blue and cloudless, all perfect. I have never felt harmony like it before, and may never again.
(, Thu 17 Mar 2005, 12:01, Reply)
I just
got all my results back from the clinic over the phone 10 minutes ago. Shat my pants waiting. AIDS neg, Syphilis neg, Chlamydia neg, Ghonorrea neg.

Put the receiver down a happy man. Beautiful
(, Thu 17 Mar 2005, 11:00, Reply)
backpacking round europe
most of my travelling friends decided on a 24 hour train to spain.

Me and my (soon to be best man) mate decided to stay where we were, drinking lovely chezch beer in a bar in prague at 4am, sipping and saying...

"not on a grotty horrible 24 hour train" :D

ahh, bliss is knowing your friends are having a really shit time.

even better was when we forged the 30 day euro train tickets to give us an extra 5 days and the cuntybastard french guards with machine guns let us pass after close scrutiny of the tickets. haha fuckers.
(, Thu 17 Mar 2005, 10:59, Reply)
Sitting in a tent in the middle of the N.York moors with my gf and her mate, pilled off our faces and watching the sunset. Beautiful.

Also the other day on the bus there was a drunk guy who looked just like the tramp on the Drink video. He was pissed off his face and proceeded to hit every person on the bus on the back of the head. Also beautiful.
(, Thu 17 Mar 2005, 10:35, Reply)
Leeds Febuary 2005
the moment for me just has to be 4am Leeds central station being let onto the platform after a wicked nite of dancing and (stuff). Just to be the only people there.. it felt like we were the only ones on the planet. such a weird feeling to see a place allways so busy to be empty..
(, Thu 17 Mar 2005, 9:12, Reply)
South China Sea
I was 18 years old, on a friend's yacht moored on the south side of Hong Kong. Lying on my back, looking up at the stars with the tops of the mountains framing my view. The gentle rock of the boat and the distant sound of music from a bar on the beach mixed with the sound of the waves crashing on the beach.

Just started smoking on a regular basis, had a drop dead gorgeous girlfriend, worked selling beer to bars, the future was filled with uni & anticipation. That one moment stands out from that year as a truly beautiful one.
(, Thu 17 Mar 2005, 4:34, Reply)
The best 12 days of my life
In a moment that proves conclusively that beer is a good thing, me and a group of 3 friends decided we were going to go to Spain - Benidorm to be exact. However, a fear of flying in one of our party that made BA Baracas look like Douglas Bader was a stumbling block.

Fuck it, we thought - lets drive.

So we did.

The shithole that is Dover, the distorted mirror-england that is Northern France, finding ourselves in a gay bar in Montpellier during a power cut (we're all straight), the one day race from Montpellier past Barca to Valencia, the sudden realisation that the 'dorm was shite, Sticky Vicky, the 43 degree temperatures, the trip back up through the Andoran mountains to Toulouse, the majesty of Paris and getting lost in the red light district whilst off our faces. I wouldn't swap any of it for a gold pig.

The next time you go to book a flight, fook it - drive instead.

My girlfriend dumped me a week after returning... bitch.
(, Thu 17 Mar 2005, 1:21, Reply)
whales spout air, backed by one of the most beautiful and blinding sunsets, whilst floating on a surfboard in the Pacific.
(, Thu 17 Mar 2005, 1:13, Reply)
After a night round my mates house on the pop, we found ourselves walking to college the next day. On ther lovely two mile walk in, I felt a small twinge in my cackhole. Never mind thinks I, be there in 5 minutes. Unfortunately with each progressing step, the twinges became more regular and paniful, to the point where I was almost leaking. My chum found this somewhat amusing, to the point of poking me in the ribs as I waddled down the road, sweating profusely and cursing the day I ever drank before an early college start. As i finally made it through the doors, I painstakingly jogged, arse cheeks tighter than a jewish accountants coffers, to the awaiting shitters. Gingerly, I eased my trousers down to my knees, lifted the lid and prepared for the worse. However, the worst was indeed the most incredible and beautiful moment of my life. Walking into the classroom, brow dripping and botty aching, my lecturer questioned my lateness. Telling him the reason was the second most beautiful moment of my life.
(, Wed 16 Mar 2005, 23:59, Reply)
ladridoloco is right
life is much better with a soundtrack

occasionally i'll be waiting for a train into the city and a particular tune will come through my headphones and all of a sudden the world is a great place

add sunglasses and you're in full-on stealth mode - no-one can see you or hear you.
(, Wed 16 Mar 2005, 23:49, Reply)
Another one...
I have a lot of beautiful moments when I just sit and stare at the stars just a bit after sunset, when it's still a sort of dark red/purple/blue sky. A breeze against my face and nothing but the sound of leaves rustling, and I'm just laid on my aunt's car, staring up at the stars and venus; wondering what it would be like to travel up there. I wasn't tired, but I almost fell asleep at the point, just because I felt so at peace. It was so many years ago, but it still feels so perfect; it's just like I'd finally found a harmony with a world that for a long time I'd feared.

I've never had that feeling again.
(, Wed 16 Mar 2005, 23:39, Reply)
last year
I think i can sum this up quite quickly. started climbing at midnight, 7hours later after feeling shattered about 5hours ago, you finally reach a point where u can see into the crater - take a look at PIC, its amazing. this was Kilimanjaro summit attempt in summer of 2004, photo date says otherwise. Amazing place!
(, Wed 16 Mar 2005, 23:38, Reply)
About three months
after stopping smoking, realising that finally, after 25 years, I'd kicked the habit. And still have. Makes me proud every day when I think about it.
(, Wed 16 Mar 2005, 22:51, Reply)
Last summer
At a mates house, for drunken shindigs and such like. Usual goin on, only this was a really close group of mates, and we were all goin off to uni after the hols so were making the most of being within piss-up distance.

Anyways, Coysh the dude who's house it was got his guitar out and stated playing some "Perfect Circle" stuff. Now this guy can seriously play. gradually moves to his other fav group, the gods that are Radiohead.
I hears the opening chords of "Creep", and bein a bit of a singerer myself started singin along.

Hectic drunken party suddenly becomes sober and everyone stopped talkin and just listened, no-one asked them to, they just did.
Song was flawless and it was about 7pm so the dusk light was coming in the window. F'ing beautiful

He committed suicide less than a month later. So that is my lasting memory of him- couldnt ask for a better one.
I neglected to mention that the muppet was wearing his PVC nurses outfit as he played

Coysh, you were, are, and will remain a complete d00d

That song is awesome
(, Wed 16 Mar 2005, 20:42, Reply)
Agrees completely with Camel Related incident...
Glastonbury 1997, Radiohead

Wet, cold, muddy, but...

woman in my arms, wine in my belly, and last song of their encore Radiohead play Street Spirit (my favourite). The stage is bathed in purple light, and purple fireworks go off.

Mesmerising. Perfect. Wow.
(, Wed 16 Mar 2005, 20:07, Reply)
Cities are hectic places
as I'm sure most of you know. But when walking/bussing it to or from uni and just that "right song" comes on the mp3 player.

Volume right up

Completely engulfed in music

Obligatory sunrise/sunset

At times like that even the [nobhead oxford road busdrivers/scallies mugging old ladies/asian food-place owners trying to get you to go for curry breakfast/crackheads in sleeping bags at bus stops/general city-like unpleasantries] seem to fit into the big scheme of things in a yummy orderly peaceful fashion.

Music makes the world purrdy
(, Wed 16 Mar 2005, 20:03, Reply)
First & Last
L was my first ever girlfriend, we went out for just over a year when we were 14/15yrs old and split up after school.

Fast forward 15years to last summer. We got back together again and everything is going great. Actually everything is going amazing!

One afternoon about 3 months after we started seeing each other again, we took her neices swimming down the local pool. At the end of the day I went off to have a shower and as I returned I saw her playing with her neices across the pool, tickling each other, laughing etc. I stopped dead in my tracks.

It was like I'd been struck by lightening, heart stopped beating, everything went quiet, I nearly cried.

I just knew at that point that my first ever girlfriend, now this woman 15 years later, was the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with and start a family with. It was the most amazing feeling of absolute love I've ever known.

We're getting married in August!
(, Wed 16 Mar 2005, 19:44, Reply)
aaah bliss
outside old school, 3am in the grounds with a biiiiiiiig fire burning the teachers notes on behavior of students

( just to let u know we were angry and wrecked the teachers car, he put them in notes and he was about to send them to the head )
(, Wed 16 Mar 2005, 18:24, Reply)
- Glastonbury 1998
A dirty muddy field, a dirty muddy sunset in a sulky grey sky

Placebo and their many coloured lights

Someone with a flashing lighter

It was a very placebo mix of glam and mud, they couldn't have planned it better

- Glastonbury 1997 - Radiohead - pretty music, serendipitous fireworks and a slight fear of death from decending flare
(, Wed 16 Mar 2005, 18:10, Reply)
Getting back
Been seeing this girl for like, 4 years, broke up for about 3 months, then "feelings" start flying around. Cut a long story short we ended up sleeping together in a "no-strings" kinda deal, best night ever, both knew what to do, fucking amazing.
The beautiful moment was right after she left my house, driving the 200 miles back to uni, hammering down the A1 at 4am doing silly speed with the window right down, playing good music, had a single beer, totally 100% awake, just feeling really good about everything.
(, Wed 16 Mar 2005, 17:15, Reply)
And one more just has to be any time I am moved to laughter in a public place by a P.G. Wodehouse turn of phrase. There is just something so good-natured, as well as funny, about his writing that really lifts my spirits every single time without fail.


"His whole attitude recalled irresistibly to the mind that of some assiduous hound who will persist in laying a dead rat on the drawing-room carpet, though repeatedly apprised by word and gesture that the market for same is sluggish or even non-existent."

fnarr fnarr fnarr!
(, Wed 16 Mar 2005, 16:43, Reply)
Unexpected fit bird result
Was at the birthday party of my best mate's girlfriend,a relatively sombre affair due to the lack of people/high density of couples. Nevertheless, there were some beautiful ladies kicking around, the best of which was the birthday girls 19 year old stunning cousin. When i say stunning, I mean I would have happily paid to suck the dick that shagged her last.
She had just come into town for the party, much like myself. Unfortunately, she seemed the shy type, and was hardly saying a word to anyone, including dismissing my non-preadatory quiz (What course do you study? etc.)
Anyway, after a hard nights boozing, my mate is obviously wanting to take his bird to the boneyard, and so me, him, his girlfriend and her cousin all pile back to his two bed flat. I had already bagged the spare room for the night, but being a gentleman i offered the cousin the bed.
But... my mates girlfriend suggests that me and her cousin both share the bed, since we both have a boyfriend/girlfriend. I'm happy with that, and get in to bed, making sure to squeeze myself tightly against the wall, not wanting to seem like a sex pest.
Fast forward 10 mins, and i feel her start to wriggle backwards into my body....so i turn around and get a bit closer....
To cut to the chase, my most beautiful moment is when I had my head between the legs and my finger up the arse of the best looking woman i have ever met.And at her prompting.

P.S. what makes it sweeter is the fact that my mates bird hates my fucking guts for pulling her best mate a few times as well. When her cousin told her this story.....
(, Wed 16 Mar 2005, 16:34, Reply)
Best party ever
I've just moved into a new house with a bunch of oddballs. Turns out I've really fallen on my feet. It was the end of their university term and they decided to put on the party to end all parties. In one of the rooms they put aluminium foil on all the walls and rented a strobe light to complete the psy-trance atmosphere. At about 3am, having spent the last few hours drinking good booze and smoking some top-notch weed, I ended up dancing in the trance room with about 6 other people.

There was a mexican girl that I didn't know there. At some point she flattened herself against the foil-covered wall and starting writhing around. All the foil started to pull off the wall. Then, completely spontaneously, everyone who was dancing there grabbed all the foild from the walls and started wrapping it around themselves and waving it through the air. This coupled with the strobe light and my nicely monged state created one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. Dancing white light. I wish I'd been filming it or something.

Then the next day, lieing in bed with a hangover at 2 in the afternoon, I called up an old friend and she agreed to bring over a bag of comfort food - bacon butty, fruit juice, cookies - the works. Didn't even have to get up. Brilliant day.
(, Wed 16 Mar 2005, 16:16, Reply)
Ahhh Euro 96 Memories!
Ahhh - Dunno if anyone else has 1 about this lovely tourament.. but hey..

It was the day of the England V Scotland Match if i remember correctly and the sun was cracking the flags! I was at Uni at the time in Leciester and my mate from Southport had a cracking Post-War Semi-detatched house with massive slopping back garden where we'd all gone to watch the match! We had a massive telly out there, fitted into a cunningly cut cardboard box so we could see the screen from the sun glare, there was about 7 or 8 of us, bestest mates imaginable, all with large sun loungers, crates of chilled stella and michelob, 200 regal kingsize and some 'smoke'.

We sat their, getting tans, smoking, drinking, laughing and watching Gazza score a pant-creamingly good goal - and i remember coming out of the conservatory and i stood for a moment and surveyed the scence - seeing the boys, boose, telly, sun, garden and realising that this was 1 of those moments in life you'll never forget - i was never so contented in all my life. It captured a moment when i was 20 without a care in the world and nothing else mattered.

A moment of sadness came over me later, knowing that i'd never experience this again...
(, Wed 16 Mar 2005, 15:34, Reply)
Stonehenge at first light on the summer solstice. There was magyck in the air: the sun was breaking through the mist, lighting up the crisp morning dew and the age old rocks. Then the smelly pikeys all around opened another can of Special Brew, while their daaags took a piss on the stones. Shouting then stumbling into each other, mixing pills into their cans, climbing on the rocks and falling off again - just like the mystikal tymes of olde. Then the coppers start giving parking tickets to all the cars parked nearby. I nip back to mine and head off while the coppers are ticketing the car parked behind. Beautiful moment. Would have been better if I'd been driving a Hummer and had ran over the filthy gypo mutts. There's always next time.
(, Wed 16 Mar 2005, 15:15, Reply)
My last sunset with mom.
Shortly after my father died, my mother bought, remodeled and moved into a small house in the lower Kula region of Maui. I visited her there as often as I could in her later years, sometimes even managing three visits a year when finances allowed (I live about 5,000 miles away). It's surrounded by cabbage farms and has a low porch running along three sides of the dwelling. The small barn on the property has been turned into a garage with a compact living space set up in the rafters, making for a great way to visit the islands on the cheap: airfare plus about $60 a week for food and fuel makes visiting paradise easy on the wallet. Mornings there are wonderful, especially if I wake early enough to catch the mountain's shadow recede across the ocean and up the mountainside. However, it is the sunsets which are really what mom's place has been made for. Beachfront property might have all the sex appeal in the real estate market but the small group of islanders who live up on the slopes of Haleakala know where the real value is.

As the afternoon turned into evening my mother would sit near one corner of the porch gazing down the mountain towards the south coast of the island. As the sun approached the horizon it would become a bright red orb, casting washes of crimson light across the ocean and the central valley. If there were clouds in that direction, they would break up and scatter the sun's rays into shafts pointing into the darkening sky. Sometimes when the volcano had erupted on Hawai'i a particulate cloud would increase the density of the air around the islands, leading to an even darker red sunset. On evenings when there were numerous clouds above, the entire sky would be painted with a gorgeous palette of shifting red, pink, orange and purple hues. When the skies were clear there was just the sun and a long, glittering reflection across the water, making sparkles dance on the back of your eyes long after you had shut them against the pain of staring directly towards the spectacle. We would sit there as the cool air blew down from the upper slopes towards the sea and bask in the wonderful temperature differential as the warmth from the setting sun offset the cool, moist mountain air caressing our backs. For those who know when and how to look for it, as the sun's glowing orb disappears into the sea, for a moment the water's edge is lit up with a bright green glow: the legendary "green flash" of ocean sunsets. The show would continue for long minutes afterwards until we finally headed back inside her glass belted house, the better to keep looking outside from. It was moments like that which kept me coming back as often as I could during her final years of life.

Mother passed away in the spring of 2004. I rushed back as quickly as I could manage and arrived a few hours before final preparations had been made to take her to the crematorium. As the workers began to wheel her around the porch for her final journey down the mountain I noticed the sun had begun to set and asked them for one small indulgence. As the sun was beginning its descent into the horizon, we lowered the foot of the gurney, uncovered her head and let the warm red glow bathe her face one final time.

I never, ever questioned you when you said it, mom: you truly could not have picked a better place to die.

Thank you for your time.

p.s. My idiot brothers now want the estate company to sell the property as part of the settlement: all they can do is smell the money. I have no idea precisely how I can manage it but I am going to have that house for my own, regardless of their short sighted behavior. They can have their piles of money: I'll take the sunset.
(, Wed 16 Mar 2005, 15:09, Reply)
Safe at home
In 1998 I was in Boston for a conference. Had a GREAT time.

The last leg of the return flight was quite stormy. Lightning, thunder, lots of turbulance. It only got worse as we descended through the clouds on our approach. I didn't have much experience flying at that point, so I was fighting off the hot flashes that come right before air sickness. White knuckles cramping, working the hell out of my deep breathing relaxation techniques.

Suddenly we break below the clouds to still, calm air. A tear came to my eye as I beheld my home town, my familar fields, the skyline, the buildings I shop in, the major road I take to drive home each day. The rain having washed the city clean, the green on the trees and fields sparkly and new, metal roofs shining, and everything looking just right. I nearly broke down as all this burst on me and the line from Sheryl Crow's "Home" rang in my ears. "This is hoooo-ooo-o-ome, this is home."

It was a beautiful moment that made me realize just how important home is to me. Boston's great, but it's not home.

BTW, I later read the lyrics to "Home," and it's about a woman trapped in a horrible marriage. Still a pretty somg, though.
(, Wed 16 Mar 2005, 15:00, Reply)
Bestest ....
Apart from the birth of my two children, what stands out is a Queen gig in early 1990's. I'd queued for hours for the tickets earlier in the year, then queued for hours outside the venue to get a good standing spot and then waited around for hours after the support. When the lights came on and they came out, was trouser wetting good. I'll never forget it. Seeing the whole of St. James park clapping to Radio GaGa was incredible.

Also driving through California and Nevada desert, with my wife before we had kids, with no where in particular to go and ending up in Death Valley late at night - intense.
(, Wed 16 Mar 2005, 14:54, Reply)
my frist kiss
after years of being a very shy awkward
teenager i spent the best part for the few years reshapeing my self and my peronalliy.
It all paid off last year jan 10 at my works (over due) xmas party when i pluked up the courage to chat up the new gril at work
and ended up slow danceing with her and then snoging her in the cloak room of the golf club we were at .. shame we dident last long and we fell our and now hardly speak to each other ,stll shit happens i guess
(, Wed 16 Mar 2005, 14:48, Reply)
on the moon
well, not actually on the moon. But I kinda felt that way. My woman and I were standing on the beach in my home town. 2, maybe 3am. Clear night. Hundreds of stars and the biggest I've ever seen a full moon. It shone so brightly that it was practically daylight. But the best part was, this is a beach on the North Sea. And it was winter. So it was fucking freezing. Which meant we had to hold each other very close. Oh, and obviously nobody else was stupid enough to be there, so we had the whole beach to ourselves.
(, Wed 16 Mar 2005, 14:41, Reply)

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