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This is a question Bedroom Disasters

Big Girl's Blouse asks: Drug fuelled orgies ending in a pile of vomit? Accidental spillage of Chocolate Pudding looking like a dirty protest? Someone walking in on you doing something that isn't what it looks like?... Tell us about your Bedroom Disasters

(, Thu 23 Jun 2011, 15:14)
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Thought there'd be loads of stories about getting caught out by window cleaners.
You know when you're really going at it, in the daytime so it feels even ruder, and the bedsprings are squealing like pigs? Then you collapse, exhausted, but somehow you can still hear that squeaking, and you realise that it sounds awfully like a chamois leather on dry glass?

Just me, then.
(, Tue 28 Jun 2011, 17:37, 5 replies)
tell your dad to check before cleaning your bedroom window in future.

(, Tue 28 Jun 2011, 19:38, closed)
He was looking for who was doing your mother that day.

(, Tue 28 Jun 2011, 20:25, closed)
My brother exposed himself to the window cleaner,
as he'd been in the shower when the man with the ladder arrived.

How we laughed...
(, Tue 28 Jun 2011, 20:25, closed)
My ex girlfriend woke up one morning to find a window cleaner having a good old look.
Can't blame him mind.

Those windows did need doing.
(, Tue 28 Jun 2011, 22:54, closed)
Just you?
As in on your own? A menage a une? Cor.
(, Wed 29 Jun 2011, 10:33, closed)

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