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This is a question The best thing I've built

Wehttamman asks: My dad and I once built a go-kart from chipboard, pram wheels and an engine from a lawn mower. It didn't work... so tell us about your favourite things you've made, and whether they were a triumph or complete failure.

(, Thu 11 Oct 2012, 12:00)
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Water and electricity......
As a young dad with a mate who demolished factories I received an old burglar alarm system which used ultra sonic detectors rather than the passive infra red ones you get now. The range and detection sensitivity could be adjusted on them so….what to do.

Using some old washing machine valves I fashioned the alarm system and valves into a garden sprinkler system.

All this I set up in the garden, with the sprinklers on each side and the detector pointing down the middle. My boys and their friends had a whale of a time trying to slowly crawl up the garden without getting detected and thus soaked. Worked a treat.

The one real flaw with the system was that the alarm and the valves were operated on 240volts, which was fully exposed (except for a couple of kiddies buckets to cover the connectors) and very likely to kill someone at any time. Got away with it though but I doubt Tomy et al will want the recipe.
(, Sun 14 Oct 2012, 19:28, 1 reply)
I don't remember this
(, Mon 15 Oct 2012, 6:35, closed)

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