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This is a question The best thing I've built

Wehttamman asks: My dad and I once built a go-kart from chipboard, pram wheels and an engine from a lawn mower. It didn't work... so tell us about your favourite things you've made, and whether they were a triumph or complete failure.

(, Thu 11 Oct 2012, 12:00)
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Does no one want to tell us about how the greatest thing they've ever made is their children, who are miracles (and so adorably cheeky sometimes!)?
I'm disappointed.

Mind - I will own that I can't be arsed to go back through the entries to look.
(, Thu 18 Oct 2012, 11:42, 4 replies)
A city
It was very difficult as it had a rather uneven, and trecherous base of naturally occurring solid aggregate and small, round bakery products
(, Thu 18 Oct 2012, 9:25, 7 replies)
I have absolutely no penis…

So I constructed a substitute. It started small and crude, but after several modifications, it transformed into a stumpy electronic and latex masterpiece.

It was a great success with the ladies, and my teeny tinkle replacement soon kept me very busy, I went from a chubby 13st chap to a skinny 9St. Eventually, I was doing so well with it that I decided to set up a business renting it out for lonely females to bounce up and down on.

After a woman made her request, my stubby electro-cock would email them and let them know of their appointment, before ordering them to perform their wanton desires upon it.

Obviously, charging for such a service was difficult, so eventually I built in a DOS command that ensured that after every upgrade I made, the version number would let the customers know and adjust their charges accordingly. Sweet. It sounds complicated, but really it was a simple case of ‘Thub hest, thin guy, ver billed’

I have no excuse.
(, Thu 18 Oct 2012, 9:04, 4 replies)
I built some synthesizer software
I wrote the three synth plugins used for this (the 303-like bassline, the string synth and drum sampler) and then kind of lost interest in music software. I ought to get back to hacking on it.

(, Thu 18 Oct 2012, 8:05, Reply)
Got Cows?
I spent a lot of time trying to work out how a fly gets into the things I don't want. I then had to figure out how to get the flies into what I wanted...

This was one of the more popular Instructables for a few years, then I got tired of being asked what kind of bait I used...
(, Thu 18 Oct 2012, 3:13, 1 reply)
It appears that there is a reputation being built by B3tans that Rob fingers kids.

(, Wed 17 Oct 2012, 22:37, 2 replies)

Thanks to B3ta i have built* quite the collection of Rasist/Pedophillia/Dead baby/Scatological/Animal cruelty/Wife beating Jokes.

(, Wed 17 Oct 2012, 19:57, 12 replies)
One for the kids
I made this a few years ago for the kids. Still really proud of it and the fact that it is still played with.

It's amazing what you can do with a sheet of MDF and several hundred roof tiles.
(, Wed 17 Oct 2012, 19:22, 5 replies)
Home for Bunnies
While not as impressive as some of the responses in this QOTW, I am rather proud of buiding this bunny hutch during the summer.

(, Wed 17 Oct 2012, 17:23, 3 replies)
The Best Thing That's Been Built...
...certainly wasn't this ill-judged QoTW, judging by the paucity of responses.
(, Wed 17 Oct 2012, 16:51, 6 replies)

This question is now closed.

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