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This is a question Redundant technology

Music on vinyl records, mobile phones the size of house bricks and pornography printed on paper. What hideously out of date stuff do you still use?

Thanks to boozehound for the suggestion

(, Thu 4 Nov 2010, 12:44)
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Hmmmm, Corvette Stingray eh?
Let's see : noisy, unpredictable, "big-boned", drinks like a fish, hard to handle (does the phrase "like a pig on a skateboard" mean anything?), expensive to maintain, attracts all the idiots when you leave it in town. And worst of all,here in the UK, they are simply vulgar.

FFS, tell her she's like a Ford Escort, reliable and utilitarian, great for doing the shopping, never going to get stolen, easy to service, even if it's not the most beautiful model. You know where you are with a Ford Escort.

Mind you, Stingray or Escort, she'll probably be in need of a re-bore if you thrape her too hard. And once the upholstery starts to deteriorate, there's not much you can do, it's a losing battle....
(, Fri 5 Nov 2010, 21:20, Reply)

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