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This is a question This book changed my life

The Goat writes, "Some books have made a huge impact on my life." It's true. It wasn't until the b3ta mods read the Flashman novels that we changed from mild-mannered computer operators into heavily-whiskered copulators, poltroons and all round bastards in a well-known cavalry regiment.

What books have changed the way you think, the way you live, or just gave you a rollicking good time?

Friendly hint: A bit of background rather than just a bunch of book titles would make your stories more readable

(, Thu 15 May 2008, 14:11)
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To see from afar
by Telly S. Cope
(, Thu 22 May 2008, 11:13, Reply)
An Egyptian Abroad: My Life as a Taxi Driver in Newcastle
By Tutan Comeoot.

/Apologies for regional-specific joke...
(, Thu 22 May 2008, 11:13, Reply)
Privacy in the Bathroom
by Annette Curtain
(, Thu 22 May 2008, 11:12, Reply)
Traditional Egyptian Carpentry Techniques
By Ahmed A. Shed.
(, Thu 22 May 2008, 11:09, Reply)
Once upon a time, I was happily married - me and Mrs Buttock owned a large hotel in rural Scotland.

And then we hired Pierre for our kitchen. At first it was almost unnoticable - a little touch of the arm here, a wink there. But I knew. And my suspicions were confirmed when I noticed she was spending a very long time in the kitchen.

"We were just talking!", she said. But why did her hair smell of garlic and onions? And why did she spend every night in the kitchen polishing the hob?

Eventually, she ran away with Pierre, back to Paris. They set up a popular restaraunt and are both now millionares.

Yes, that cook changed my wife alright.
(, Thu 22 May 2008, 11:08, Reply)
Welcome to Adolescence
by Aaron Myballs
(, Thu 22 May 2008, 11:07, 1 reply)
Communicating With Cattle
by I. Ken Mooue

And I'll leave it there.
(, Thu 22 May 2008, 11:05, Reply)
Uncle Arthur's Bedtime Stories
Following on from my previous post, a book - or series of books - that I'd totally forgotten had changed my life.

My parents are totally awesome atheists/agnostics/couldn'tgiveafuckists, but in the late 70s my dad's sister got religion, and decided to share it with me by giving me a shiny pile of Uncle Arthur's Bedtime Stories. These heartwarming Christian tales emphasised clean living virtues, the primary of which was "BE SURE YOUR SIN WILL FIND YOU OUT".

Even though I never got religion, the fear of God was nevertheless put in me. As a result, I am clinically incapable of lying - hence my inability to perform at job interviews. What I've found since then is that if I don't say anything, that's not actually lying.

Did anyone else get these happy little stories?
(, Thu 22 May 2008, 11:03, 1 reply)
Erectile Disfunction: Causes and Cures
By Mike Coxafloppin and Vi Agra

/beats self to death with plastic cupholder
(, Thu 22 May 2008, 11:03, Reply)

This question is now closed.

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