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This is a question This book changed my life

The Goat writes, "Some books have made a huge impact on my life." It's true. It wasn't until the b3ta mods read the Flashman novels that we changed from mild-mannered computer operators into heavily-whiskered copulators, poltroons and all round bastards in a well-known cavalry regiment.

What books have changed the way you think, the way you live, or just gave you a rollicking good time?

Friendly hint: A bit of background rather than just a bunch of book titles would make your stories more readable

(, Thu 15 May 2008, 15:11)
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Blink: Malcolm gladwell
Probably been mentioned, but this book offers a snapshot into why you're gut-instinct can be trusted.

Many fine real examples, and other subjects are well covered too for example; why too much information is a bad thing.

You know how you can walk into a room and say to yourself "That guy's an asshole and she's untrustworthy" or similarly "I'm really going to get on well with her" ... well this book tells you why that's the case, and explains why you'll be right on your snap judgements... if only you would trust them.
(, Wed 21 May 2008, 13:14, 13 replies)
Look at Bush

he never lets facts get in the way of his gut and he's done some stirling work.
(, Wed 21 May 2008, 13:32, closed)
I think you're confusing God
with the team of people behind him that tell him what to do.
(, Wed 21 May 2008, 13:40, closed)
just because he's God doesn't mean he gets it right all the time. It's not like he's infallible or anything.

I, on the other hand, usually am.

EDIT - or possibly are. I'm not sure. Chickenlady would no doubt know.
(, Wed 21 May 2008, 13:43, closed)
al, how many times do I have to tell you - I'm not a bloke, and I AM infallible. Are you after another lightning bolt? You didn't like the last one if I remember right ...

*purchases advance one-way ticket to Hull*
(, Wed 21 May 2008, 13:49, closed)
It wasn't the lightening bolt per se, it was what you did with it.
(, Wed 21 May 2008, 13:52, closed)
*Drags thread back on topic*
I meant to say - before I got distracted tormenting al - that I have begun to listen more to my instincts as I've got older.

There was a guy used to work in one office I graced with my presence, who made the hairs on the back on my neck stand up. He basically gave all the women the creeps, and when he was convicted of indecent exposure, we all knew why. Worst of all, the company took ages to get him out of the door (no custodial sentence) and only caved in when all the female staff threatened to strike.

EDIT: al, I've told you repeatedly, stop calling me Percy
(, Wed 21 May 2008, 14:00, closed)
Good one!

(, Wed 21 May 2008, 14:04, closed)
I am, you are
As in,

I am fascinating and beautiful.

You are interesting and attractive.

S/he is dull and ugly.
(, Wed 21 May 2008, 15:14, closed)

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