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This is a question This book changed my life

The Goat writes, "Some books have made a huge impact on my life." It's true. It wasn't until the b3ta mods read the Flashman novels that we changed from mild-mannered computer operators into heavily-whiskered copulators, poltroons and all round bastards in a well-known cavalry regiment.

What books have changed the way you think, the way you live, or just gave you a rollicking good time?

Friendly hint: A bit of background rather than just a bunch of book titles would make your stories more readable

(, Thu 15 May 2008, 15:11)
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Just a quick one before shut down
This book really had a great impact on me - it helped me to stop eating chocolate when I needed to, it helped me to give up the demon drink. It even helped me give up the sex and masturbation when I just needed to concentrate.

Self Denial Made Easy by Abner Gation

If you need to learn the art of Self Denial, get this book NOW!
(, Wed 21 May 2008, 23:43, 17 replies)
That sounds
(, Wed 21 May 2008, 23:53, closed)
But what if you need to concentrate on sex and masturbation?

(, Wed 21 May 2008, 23:53, closed)
Hang on a minute
I just looked it up and that book doesn't seem to exist. And what's more Abner Gation looks very similar to the word Abnegation, which means self denial.

(, Thu 22 May 2008, 8:45, closed)
Chocolate, beer and masturbation
The perfect low budget date.
(, Thu 22 May 2008, 9:26, closed)
I take it
you know this from experience PJM?
(, Thu 22 May 2008, 9:43, closed)
what if you need to give up
self-help books?
(, Thu 22 May 2008, 9:48, closed)
Then get stuck into the shocking thrillers.
(, Thu 22 May 2008, 9:49, closed)
yay for shocking thrilllers
they are my not-so-secret guilty pleasures. Binge-reading.
(, Thu 22 May 2008, 9:52, closed)
oh so CHCB can get away
with reading shocking thrillers and gets a yay, I admit to reading marian keyes and get pointed and laughed at. It's becaause she's a girl isn't it.

(, Thu 22 May 2008, 9:57, closed)
yay for you, al
I'm not a fan of the chicklit genre but Marian Keyes is quite a good writer and I like her.
(, Thu 22 May 2008, 10:01, closed)
Sorry, I have to take issue with you on that one
Marian Keyes comes up with some entertaining plots...she is not in any way a good writer.
(, Thu 22 May 2008, 10:05, closed)
comparatively good...
compared to all the other chicklit books... :)
(, Thu 22 May 2008, 10:12, closed)
when compared to other chicklit books...she's the queen, no doubt about that.

Compare her technically though to someone like JK Rowling (only using her as an example because she's so well known and equally as popularist) and her work appears to have been written by all those monkeys taking time off from completing the entire works of Shakespeare.
(, Thu 22 May 2008, 10:17, closed)
I can't stand the way Rowling writes
plus she needs a better editor to cut out the pages of drivel.

(BTW - has anyone spanged you for your bad literary pun yet?)
Edit: oh, al did. Good. :)
(, Thu 22 May 2008, 10:19, closed)
Oi chickenlady
you leave my infinite monkeys out of it. They would never stoop to writing for Ms Rowling.

*admits he has read all the harry potters too*

*falls into increasingly black depression at the fact that all his new friends are cleverer than him*
(, Thu 22 May 2008, 10:22, closed)
Agreed - Rowling needs a better editor
but at least she keeps to one point of view - Keyes is in everyone's head but she's not writing from an omniscient standpoint, she's just plain untidy.

That said....I've read most of what these writers have churned out and tbh we're simply discussing the relative merits of a zingerburger compared to a bigmac.

(, Thu 22 May 2008, 10:26, closed)
That's a very good point
*feels better*
(, Thu 22 May 2008, 10:32, closed)

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