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This is a question Booze Related Disasters

We want to know about your worst experiences with alcohol. Woken up in bed with your mum? Stole a donkey? Shat yourself in Harvester? Funniest stories will be used on B3ta Radio and also preserved by the magic of the web on this very site.

(, Fri 19 Mar 2004, 2:28)
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Crump! Crump! CRUMP!
Right, so me and my girlfriend were throwing a house party to celebrate the end of our final year at Sixth Form and the start of summer. Everyone got absolutely plastered, as always, but most were able to grab a bed and sleep till morning.

At about 4am, (10 Eastern Time, 11 Central), laying in bed, me and said girlfriend heard this noise. It said the following: 'kerrump, Kerrump, KERRUMP!'. Notably concerned about what was happening, we tip-toed downstairs, blunt object in hand to ward off any break-ins.

We open the dining-room door to find....... 3 incredibly drunk people crushing plastic cups with 5-10kg weights! When confronted with questions, the leader merely replied 'Hey... why don't you join us? It's so fun!'. We declined and said to crush quietly, and then went back to bed.

On another note, I was once at a party where we thought it would be hilarious (to gain access to a room somebody had locked themselves in) to shoot party poppers under the door. Little did we realise that he was standing with his back to it... in bare feet.

'BANG!' went the poppers.
'BOLLOCKS!' said the Matt.
(, Fri 19 Mar 2004, 13:10, Reply)

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