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This is a question Brain Fade

Freddie Woo tells us how he recently spent ages trying to open his front door with his Oyster Card before realising he actually needed things called "keys". Tell us of times you've done stupid things while on auto-pilot

(, Thu 21 Mar 2013, 12:20)
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When the PS1 came out
I spent an awful lot of time taking acid and playing Doom.

I nearly pissed my pants once when I got up to go to the toilet and couldn't get into the bathroom.

The door was closed see, but I just couldn't find the square button.
(, Fri 22 Mar 2013, 9:29, 6 replies)
Try as I might I simply cannot get my hands on acid any more.
It's fucking annoying me.
(, Fri 22 Mar 2013, 10:31, closed)
got glacial acetic & Hydrochloric in the lab
(, Fri 22 Mar 2013, 12:45, closed)
You should move to the West Country.

(, Fri 22 Mar 2013, 16:46, closed)
I used to scare myself senseless
Playing Resident Evil on ps1 whilst tripping my tits off.
(, Fri 22 Mar 2013, 11:38, closed)
Dear god, man!
Is your life not terrifying enough or something? Doom scares the shit out of me when I'm stone cold sober, never mind ripped to the tits on Binky's magic postage stamps.
(, Fri 22 Mar 2013, 12:55, closed)
It's the music...
...and the bits where the music stops and you just KNOW you're in the shit. ID use that a lot - did it in Return to Castle Wolfenstein as well. Shit the living shitting shit out of me that one did.
(, Mon 25 Mar 2013, 11:48, closed)

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