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This is a question Bullies

My mum told me to stand up to bullies. So I did, and got wedgied every day for a month. I hated my boss.

Suggested by Mariam67

(, Wed 13 May 2009, 12:27)
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How to manage a bully in the lavatory
A smallish kid Matt who was in 7th grade with me was always bullied by a larger kid - he showed us all what to do. The bigger kid, Raul i think he was called, seemed to know no bounds and went on with his harassment at all times. He was a monstrous kid who stood maybe 6 or more feet tall, with a sort of baby mustachio coming in - at grade 7 - he was more of a freak than anyone else there.

Anyways one day Matt is taking a piss at the urinals when Raul comes in and starts giving him comments about penis size (its a 'small world' etc etc). Seems Matt had had enough that day as he turned, mid-stream and proceeded to piss all over the front of Raul's shirt and pants.

The big dog bully turned into the most prissy little girl ever and went screaming into the hall 'Ahhhhhh! He wet me! He wet me!!!!! Ahhhh' Being the middle of a class change, everyone got the chance to laugh and point. Matt came out smugly and zipped up in front of everyone. Raul cried in the office until his Mommy brought him clean pants.

Matt got an hour detention and the rest of us were left to wonder why we hadn't thought of this before. Raul the bully became a pussy cat and never bothered anyone again.
(, Sun 17 May 2009, 14:21, Reply)

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