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This is a question Bullshit and Bullshitters

We've had questions about lies and liars in the past, but this time we're asking about the sort of fantasist who constantly claims they've got a helicopter in the garden or was "second onto the balcony at the Iranian Embassy siege". Tell us about the cobblers you've been told, or the complete lies you've come out with.

Thanks to dozer for the suggestion

(, Thu 13 Jan 2011, 12:55)
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When I was in year three I fancied this girl called Anna
We used to walk home together with our parents, one day I tried to impress Anna's mum by recaling the time that my dad had rescued everyone from a fire (even carrying the headteacher out of the burning rubble) that was in the school he teached at.

Needless to say I haddent fooled her, even by adding more factitious lies. Any time I see her now I rember the shame of telling such a porky!

Allthough it hasent stopped me from telling more, when will I learn.
Probably never.
(, Fri 14 Jan 2011, 0:30, 1 reply)
You ...
were also asleep on the day that contractions were taught in school.

'Hadn't' is short for 'had not'. 'Hasn't' is short for 'has not'. The apostrophe is used in place of the missing vowel.

Essex English is not Officially Recognised on B3ta. Neither is American English.

To the Naughty Corner with you, Boy.
(, Fri 14 Jan 2011, 8:24, closed)

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