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This is a question Bullshit and Bullshitters

We've had questions about lies and liars in the past, but this time we're asking about the sort of fantasist who constantly claims they've got a helicopter in the garden or was "second onto the balcony at the Iranian Embassy siege". Tell us about the cobblers you've been told, or the complete lies you've come out with.

Thanks to dozer for the suggestion

(, Thu 13 Jan 2011, 12:55)
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I'm a geek and specialise in Lotus Domino... A Domino consultant
So... I was sitting at a bar in New York, drunk on beer and whisky chasers and the cute lady behind the bar asks me. "So whadda you do Simon?"

"I'm a Domino Consultant" say I, with the complete sincerity that comes with speaking the truth.

"What, like the game?" she replies, unable to hear the capital D through my rich English tones.

"Yep!" I lie, seizing the moment.

"No really, they have consultants on dominos?" she asks, amazed.

"Not just dominos sweetheard, all pub games, but my speciality is dominos. I travel the world studying the various rules and sell my knowledge in the form of consultancy to all the major games making companies"

"Naaaah, your shittin' me she says" with that little bit of uncertainty that tells em I have already almost won.

So out comes the trump card, I pull out my business card with "Domino Consultant" on it.

"Wow Gee!" she exclaims... "Hey George, this guy over here travels the world studying pub games!"

I end up at a table with 10 yanks all asking me about strange wierd pub games, on which subject I hold forth for the rest of the evening cos us Brits have many strange and wierd pub games to talk about.

(, Fri 14 Jan 2011, 5:49, closed)

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