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This is a question Bullshit and Bullshitters

We've had questions about lies and liars in the past, but this time we're asking about the sort of fantasist who constantly claims they've got a helicopter in the garden or was "second onto the balcony at the Iranian Embassy siege". Tell us about the cobblers you've been told, or the complete lies you've come out with.

Thanks to dozer for the suggestion

(, Thu 13 Jan 2011, 12:55)
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When I was a teacher a few years back
there was a new kid who joined. The family was fuhing minted but for some reason the whole family except one (not the one in my class) were bullshitters. The one in my class was about 10 or so but told me he had an interest in boxing and trained at one of the local gyms. I had no reason to not believe him. After a few weeks he came in with a black eye which he said he got while training. Again, it happens, never happened to me but I have a few mates who got the odd black eye sparring. Then one day he tells me he has a fight coming up. By now I was interested and was planning to go along on the saturday afternoon as I lived near the gym.
Just to make sure, I thought I'd ask his older brother if it was all going ahead. His brother burst out laughing and said that his little bro had a very active imagination. Turns out the black eye was from chasing after his dog and running into a tree. I didn't bother confronting him as he was a kid but week later he was the 'Star of the week' and got to bring in something to show the class on friday. As he was always going on about boxing he brought in his boxing kit, which was just a Mike Tyson dressing gown and a plastic belt his dad had picked up from somewhere. The rest of the class tore it out of him for weeks after that.
The dad was no better. He would boast about how he knew this celeb or that one and when they had parties he'd pay these Blist slebs to attend and he'd treat them as guests of honour and shower them with gifts and food and hugs and kisses etc. It was painful to watch.
(, Sun 16 Jan 2011, 2:14, Reply)

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