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This is a question Bullshit and Bullshitters

We've had questions about lies and liars in the past, but this time we're asking about the sort of fantasist who constantly claims they've got a helicopter in the garden or was "second onto the balcony at the Iranian Embassy siege". Tell us about the cobblers you've been told, or the complete lies you've come out with.

Thanks to dozer for the suggestion

(, Thu 13 Jan 2011, 12:55)
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At my junior school, there was this lad called Colin who was truly blessed with amazing Aunties.

One of them danced for Legs and Co (youngsters hit Google, or preferably Youtube now)

His other Auntie was Professor Rubik, inventor of the Rubiks Cube etc. Slight catch, in that Professor Ernő Rubik is a geezer.
(, Tue 18 Jan 2011, 23:57, 3 replies)
Legs and Co...
the one time Rush got into the top 20 and had Spirit of Radio played on Top Of The Pops, the band weren't present, instead Legs 'n' Co had to do a routine which probably destroyed its credibility....
(, Wed 19 Jan 2011, 5:28, closed)
All respect to Rush, but...
I'd much rather watch Legs and Co...
(, Wed 19 Jan 2011, 8:15, closed)
Pan's People were even better
But Hot Gossip win hands-down in any competition of vaguely racy pre-1985 light entertainment TV dance troupes. Mainly 'cos they really were quite racy.
(, Wed 19 Jan 2011, 17:42, closed)

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