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This is a question Buses

We've got a local bus driver who likes to pull away slowly just to see how far old ladies with shopping trollies will chase him down the road. By popular demand - tell us your thrilling bus anecdotes.

Thanks to glued eel for the suggestion

(, Thu 25 Jun 2009, 13:14)
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There was a busdriver who was shagging his busductress.
Not unusual, but they liked to park under the flyover in Croydon toward the end of the late shift, lock the doors and go at it on the top deck. Which meant they were always running late by the end of the night. Makes me wonder whnever my night bus is late.
Now the road inspectors ( the ones who make you get off one bus and on the one 'right behind' - yeah, right) had to put an end to this.
Didn't really want to as they used to park on the flyover and look down into the bus to score the evening performance. Probably should have sold tickets (instead of photos) but anyway their solution was to wait until the driver went into the short strokes then drop a dustbin onto the bus roof. Worked a treat.
(, Fri 26 Jun 2009, 10:18, 1 reply)
I can imagine this. Although shacking up in the bushes in Queen's Gardens is much classier.

/lives in Croydon blog
(, Sun 28 Jun 2009, 16:42, closed)

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