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This is a question Caught!

MJPerry asks: Masturbating, stealing, making the cat dance... when did someone catch you doing something you wanted to remain secret?

(, Thu 3 Jun 2010, 14:01)
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have a pea
Me and Mrs Duck..
.... were on holiday in Edinburgh. We decided we needed to do some proper walking so we caught a train to the nearest mountains.

We had a lovely walk never saw a soul all day, on the way down the mountain, we got a bit frisky, I won't go into details, but we ended up having a thoroughly enjoyable fuck by a stream.

So there we were, I was on top pounding away, ahem, making lurve, when i felt something cold and wet poke me in the ass. I turned and saw a Spaniel sniffing me and his owner scurrying passed as quick as he could. I waved said a cheery "afternoon", so did Mrs Duck and after a bit of gigling we carried on. Luckily he didn't stick around to watch or encourage Fido to join in.

Later we stopped in a pub for some food and a drink and he was there with his dog, we waved again he looked confused, bet he told his mates though
(, Fri 4 Jun 2010, 14:44, 1 reply)
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