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This is a question Caught!

MJPerry asks: Masturbating, stealing, making the cat dance... when did someone catch you doing something you wanted to remain secret?

(, Thu 3 Jun 2010, 14:01)
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Cultural learnings
We had a "Sharing our culture" week at work, and I was appointed a couple of Indian chaps, who were devout followers of Guru Nanak. They were nice guys, but a fresh to the UK, and still a little wet behind the ears culturally, so I took them on a drive into the countryside. In one particular little village, I stopped to show them the rather interesting church there, which dates back to the C12th.

We went in - it was midday and mid-week so the place was completely deserted, and I was showing them around the various iconographs and triptychs, when we heard a noise over by priest's private rooms behind the altar.

I told them to stay where they were while I went and investigated.

Of course nothing was there, but by then I was getting a bit bored, so thought I'd quickly knock one out.

I was just on the vinegar strokes when suddenly they burst in, to see me full-flow and ready to blow.

And I would have got away with it if it hadn't been for those vestry Sikhs.
(, Mon 7 Jun 2010, 13:27, 3 replies)
not that I am objecting to the work and effort you clearly put into this
but come on, it barely even matches the syllable count.
(, Mon 7 Jun 2010, 14:32, closed)
I intend to finish this weeks QOTW along the lines of
"And I would have got away with it if it hadn't been for the RAF turning up with twenty-seven hot air balloons and gunning me down from a significant distance - five or six miles at the very least."
(, Mon 7 Jun 2010, 14:37, closed)
yes, that is a worthy goal

(, Mon 7 Jun 2010, 14:40, closed)

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