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This is a question Caught!

MJPerry asks: Masturbating, stealing, making the cat dance... when did someone catch you doing something you wanted to remain secret?

(, Thu 3 Jun 2010, 14:01)
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Sunny & Moony
This isn't a story about a shit cover band. It's about Alan Butler.

Alan got me to believe in 'invisible dust' at the age of five. With a printed catalogue of magic items... Even my Mum pissed herself when I told her about my plans to buy loads of it and sell it to the army.

Alan was overweight, impressionable and just as gullible six years later when in Year 6. This meant he would do lots of bizarre activities for sweets. Activities such as pull a 'Sunny' or 'Moonie' upon command.

Whilst simultaneously doing the 'truffle shuffle'. Whilst doing this, we started a 'dog shit fight'... this meant getting sticks and flicking the encrusted shit at each other. Fucking feral. All was 'well' until Alan slipped over in a particularly massive pile. Whilst semi-naked. Whilst a dinner lady watched on from the top of the school field.

Trying to explain to the Headmaster was bad enough. The confusion and shame on my Dad's face was ten-times worse...

Ahh school...
(, Mon 7 Jun 2010, 19:34, Reply)

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