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This is a question Celebrations, anniversaries and milestones

Willenium says: I just reached the big 10 on b3ta, so tell us your stories of big date milestones from relationships, birthdays, work and life-changing choices.

(, Thu 25 Sep 2014, 13:19)
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I was wondering why Albert deleted a thread above I was having with him
perhaps when I said that him "taking advantage of Shambo's absence to spread lies about him would really be in character" hit too close to the mark?
He is an odd fellow, that Albert, and not entirely pleasant
(, Mon 29 Sep 2014, 13:08, 1 reply)

no idea who you are, soz.
(, Mon 29 Sep 2014, 13:40, closed)
Is this the point we discover they're one and the same guy?
It'd certainly make tracking someone's holiday location a lot easier.
(, Mon 29 Sep 2014, 13:46, closed)
That would arguably be the ultimate troll.

(, Mon 29 Sep 2014, 13:49, closed)

(, Mon 29 Sep 2014, 15:00, closed)
part of me is curious as to what sort of pathology drives a person such as yourself
but the wiser part of my brain is saying "It's best not to get involved" like making the mistake of looking at the crazy person on the train in the eyes and then they come over and start raving at you.
Perhaps that's where shambles made his mistake, he had to know
(, Mon 29 Sep 2014, 14:02, closed)

You just don't have the intensity, wit or desperation of Shambo.

So at this time, I'll not be offering you the job of Stalker but I will keep your details on file and if a suitable opportunity turns up, I'll get in touch.
(, Mon 29 Sep 2014, 14:14, closed)
and I've little wish to be either, albert. I seldom get involved in this sort of stuff
I generally try and avoid getting tangled with creepy fantasists. Still, you obviously cared enough about our little thread to delete it. I genenerally consider thread deletion, especialy for vanity, one of the worse breaches of etiquette on b3ta as it wastes a lot of other peoples words. If shambles is Waldorf, I tend to picture you as Cartman from south park, both malevolant and unapologetically lacking in self-awareness
(, Mon 29 Sep 2014, 14:38, closed)

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