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This is a question Celebrities part II

Five years ago, we asked if you've ever been rude to a celebrity, or have been on the receiving end of a Z-List TV chef's wrath. By popular demand, it's back - if you have beans, spill them.

(, Thu 8 Oct 2009, 13:33)
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Michaela Strachan
I was in a ski bar in the Alps. Michaela Strachan was in there with her baldy husband. Anyhow, one of the female members of our party came out of the bogs and informed us that Michaela Strachan does not wash her hands. Flash forwards 3 months and I'm watching Big Breakfast. She's on it. They did that section where they ask the guest a % question.

Jonny V: "So Michaela, what percentage of people don't wash their hands after going to the bog?"
Me: "Well you don't you dirty bitch!!!"
(, Mon 12 Oct 2009, 6:58, 1 reply)
~~~ hazy memory ~~~
Didn't she used to do a kiddies TV show in the morning in about '89?

I remember watching he crawl under a table - at which point her puppies got tired of being restrained and one lept free - at 9am on Saturday. Ah fond memory!

Does anybody else remember is - and is it on Youtube?
(, Mon 12 Oct 2009, 11:28, closed)

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