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This is a question Celebrities part II

Five years ago, we asked if you've ever been rude to a celebrity, or have been on the receiving end of a Z-List TV chef's wrath. By popular demand, it's back - if you have beans, spill them.

(, Thu 8 Oct 2009, 13:33)
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The Diminutive one from ABC
I was working in a clothing store in New York City in the depths of the 90's when the short chap I was ringing up handed me his gold amex. Clocking the signature I realised this was none other than David Yarritu of reinvented popsters ABC (post Gold Lame). I actually really liked How to Be A Zillionaire and advised him of this, so we chatted for a bit about what Martin Fry and the rest of the band were up to - very nice chap and I think he was quite chuffed I had recognised him.

Others: Mrs Bathtub the 1st was in the Music Biz so while we lived in the US I managed to meet:

Def Leppard
The Replacements
The Proclaimers (weirdly at the Roseland NYC, I grew up in Fife about 15 minutes from Auchtermuchty)
Duran Duran (6 times!) - all lovely except for Warren whatsisface who was a bit elitist
Kiefer Sutherland (also shopped in my store)
Stephen King (Sold him jeans)

happy days

(, Tue 13 Oct 2009, 16:42, Reply)

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