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This is a question Have you ever been rude to a celebrity?

Whilst at school we had a field trip to the Ironbridge Gorge museum. Oddly enough kids TV presenter Johnny Ball happened to pick the same day to make a visit. We were rather excited and crowded round asking questions. Johnny took this rather well and held an impromptu lecture. This was all fun and games until a kid at the back threw a small rock at his head. Silence fell for a moment then Mr Ball blew a gasket and did the whole "no one is leaving until I get a confession" routine. Er.. typing this out makes me feel rather sorry for the chap. Anyway - can you beat that?

(, Wed 14 Apr 2004, 19:06)
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I lost my virginity in Camilla's house....
when i was younger i went to one of those posh brat balls, where loads of 15 year old posh totty gather to drink vodka and snog each others brains out.
after a fairly succesful evening, i managed to lose the friends i had arrived with, and in a drunken state started to chat to a group of young lads who had cigarettes (very cool for 15 year olds at the time) hoping i could scab one to look 'cool'. They invited me to an after-party at their house.
so a quick taxi ride later, we turned up at this mansion in kensington. very dapper and really very impressive. to cut a long story short, i got friendly with one of the young girls, and we decided to head up to one of the many bedrooms of the not-so humble mansion. so...stumbling about in the dark, we found a room with a huge four poster bed and prodeeded to do the naughty thing (in a very drunken and awkward fashion). Not bad for a first encounter!

even more awkward was the scene the next morning when no other than camilla parker-bowles walks in to the room and proceeds to berate me and my partner for 'spoiling the sheets' and defiling her fathers death bed.
i left, apologising profusely, hoping to dear God that she hadn't noticed the used condom in the side drawer.
(, Wed 14 Apr 2004, 22:13, Reply)

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