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This is a question Asking people out

Tell us your biggest successes and most embarrassing failures. Not that we're after new chat-up lines, or anything.

(, Thu 10 Dec 2009, 11:36)
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Ok, I admit this is a cheeky Pearoast, so skip it if you want....
Ok, I admit this is a cheeky Pearoast, so skip it if you want. I posted it in "will you go out with me?" a good while back, so it should be ok.

I think it still fits on this, as it shows my ineptitude with women and chatting up :)


Settle down kids, it's time for a story....

....Ok, it's quite short really.
Basically I had fancied my dearest from afar for a good long while and everyone knew it, apart from her (apparently I was very obvious despite never telling anyone).

Cue one fateful English trip to York in late October, in some lovely hostel somewhere.....

We'd spent pretty much the entire trip wandering about together, getting into the same groups, and one particularly fine arm-in-arm walk through the York Dungeons thingy and hand-in-hand during a ghost walk and then we ended up back at the hostel bar just chatting away and before I realised it she was sat on my knee!

"Someone up there likes me!" thinks I, and the chatting about nothing and everything continues, and its just us in this empty bar and after a while she goes a little quiet and
shy and says "Um.....can I kiss you?"

I'd like to say I leaned in smoother than velvet and suavely kissed her tender lips, or done the heavy '40's movie kiss and blown her socks off.

I think I said "Urm...yeah, ok then".

Romantic sod, aren't I?

This smooching carries on till bedtime (not like that you filthy buggers) and we went our separate ways. The next morning was met with much quietness and blushing, but we sat together on the minibus home, arm in arm.

A week passes and no more is said, to either a yay or nay, much to my worry, but we were set to go to a mates birthday party and I figured maybe we could talk about it then. Nope. We ended up on the couch once again snogging and afterwards no mention is said except for maybe a few embarrassed glances in the college common room.

This goes on until January in a Starbucks when I finally gather up the courage to ask what was going on with us to. And well, cock.
We talk and she explained how she didn't want a relationship and would rather just be good friends, all that jazz, and I left somewhat understandably a bit dejected, but we managed to stay friends, and good ones at that.
On top of that she starts to come over and stay over more often, so I'm getting quite mixed messages at this point, but hey, I don't mind, and I'm not about to complain :)

One night a bit later than that, in early March, we were supposed to go to someones ELSES birthday (a man that I despise to the very core of my being) and at the very last minute (and I mean last minute, we were in fancy dress and just heading out) when I get a call, "fancy a beer and Halo night mate? There are girls there too so you can bring S* too, she won't be bored."

I breath a sigh of relief mostly cause I really wasn't looking forward to the birthday thing, and because I love the bunch of mates to death, the halo nights, and all that. So we end up at one mate's uni halls to settle in for a night, and S is whisked away by K to "give her a good talking to" or so I'm reliably informed, and after a while they return, red-faced and giggling, and we play on.

Alas we had to retire and let our good host rest, and back to mine we went, and pretty much straight to bed. We were just having a bit of a chat when I asked why K had dragged her away for a while, to be met with a blush and a grin.

"She was talking about us, she reckons we should just get on with it. So sod it; will you be my boyfriend?"

I was elated, said so, and offered my very definite "Yes" and we've been a couple ever since! SUCCESS!

March 11th, 2007, about 4am. Brilliant :D

Oh, I guess this IS quite long? Well if you've made it this far, thanks, and sorry for my drunken early morning meanderings, I'll probably edit this for clarity in the morn.

However, no apologies for length, it was bloody worth it ;)

*For that is her initial
(, Sun 13 Dec 2009, 13:25, 2 replies)
...this IS heartwarming :)
(, Mon 14 Dec 2009, 1:45, closed)
Thank you :D
(, Tue 15 Dec 2009, 2:00, closed)

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