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This is a question What nonsense did you believe in as a kid?

Ever thought that you could get flushed down the loo? That girls wee out their bottoms? Or that bumming means two men rubbing their bums together? Tell us about your childhood misconceptions. Thanks to Joefish for the suggestion.

(, Wed 18 Jan 2012, 15:21)
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Killer bees.
Anyone old enough to remember the killer bees from South America stories? Proper shit me up, they did.
(, Thu 19 Jan 2012, 21:09, 1 reply)

Yes I do - every bee I ever saw was considered a scout for a hive of maniacal killers. Fortunately my apiphobia was masked because at that time I was far more worried about the rabies coming over from France. I was terrified of dogs, cats, squirrels - anything that could potentially bite me, would lead to, at best a series of painful injections on the stomach, at worst, a shuddering foam covered death in a plastic bag surrounded by space suited medical staff.

Kids today all worried about their global warming and ice caps melting, had nothing on our killer bees, rabid french dogs and acid rain,
(, Thu 19 Jan 2012, 23:48, closed)

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