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This is a question The most childish thing you've done as an adult

Davros' Grandad confesses: On visiting my ex-wife's house, I wiped my bum on the toothbrush belonging to the bloke she ran off with. At least, I thought it was his toothbrush.

(, Thu 17 Sep 2009, 14:36)
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Before Man Existed
Is a game me and my brother have played all our lives.

The game can be played anywhere at any time. The game is initiated by somone picking up a wooden or stone object, not metal and proclaiming

'Before man existed' and then starts clubbing the other person with the object. The only rules are that you can only target joints and bones, not soft flesh and must continue a running monologue in the style of a Natural History presenter about how the apes would beat their openents bones with simple weapons throughout the beating.

I am 25, he is 20. We play it everytime we see each other.
(, Thu 17 Sep 2009, 16:21, 6 replies)
That elicited a chuckle
Reminds me of my brother when he was small: he'd hit you repeatedly and, with each impact, shout the word "weapon".

He was at his funnies when angry: you'd get an ineffective beating from a toddler who'd spend half his energy going, "Weapon! Weapon! Weapon!"
(, Thu 17 Sep 2009, 16:24, closed)
It must be quite funny to watch the ritual as an outsider
The voice we adopt is a sort of faux-dramatic Charlton Heston imitation and ape-like movements are obligatory.

Also there is a sort of bonus points system for getting particularly satisfying 'knock' sounds from the other person's bones.
(, Thu 17 Sep 2009, 16:27, closed)
Was it you that had the list of strange insults as a sig?
I seem to remember that that was explained as a strange fraternal fight.
(, Thu 17 Sep 2009, 16:41, closed)
This is correct.

(, Fri 18 Sep 2009, 11:51, closed)
Thank you
People are going to think I'm mad when I suddenly start smiling and giggling to myself at random intervals. That is a wonderful mental image.
(, Fri 18 Sep 2009, 16:40, closed)
My new favourite game!!
(, Mon 21 Sep 2009, 20:27, closed)

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